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Web Designers Basic Skill

Web Design Bangladesh :   Web Designers Basic Skill

Website is the most easy and fast method for distributing organization, personal and business. This means when they are too fast favorite now because it would be good for You honest. Website helps creating corporate image, but the building should carefully stage in determining web design and content.

Under development will require some knowledge and skill standards, so that the image of the company website to drive up. This base article for beginners to start building and developing web sites and start entering the new dimension that can improve your profits and qualified.

For starters, you must learn and master some then / software knowledge:

1.Site Planning Web

First step in website planning, began by collecting information, and the result is a "Site Map". After designing the layout of the pages on the first page and second page. This step should learn about some parts such as navigation, content, image copyrights plan (footer), and others

2.Web Design Site

The second step of keeping the design planning with special software, you should know about Typografi (selected the best source), adjust the layout of the page (the domain of the divide of the page), color (the concept domain color theory and color mixing). We always use Adobe Photoshop, there are many free tutorials you can find online by keyword "online video tutorials and training." For your exercise will provide a website specifically "http://www.linda.com".

3.Authoring Software Web

Then we have the web building software like Adobe Dreamweaver to create an HTML page. In addition to Dreamweaver, a designer using Microsoft FrontPage. Like Photoshop to learn Dreamweaver, we can find free online tutorials. Or you can buy some books for the library Dreamweaver or FrontPage.

4.Make interactivity

Without interactivity, a website is purely an online book. Interactive site to get user data online and keep track of what users within the system. Most can interact with visitors and 'do things' on the site, more are likely to visit again. To do this you can learn about web programming such as PHP and ASP.

5.Make video, Flash, Shock wave and Audio

We always develop video, flash, audio and shocwave Flash player. This is to make it seem beautiful and efficient websites.

These are the basic skills to learn to become a great web designer and become the specialized need practical and get the real project of developing a website. Good experiment in website design.

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