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Web Designer Graphic Designer Or Web Developer?

Web Design & Development Bangladesh:   Web Designer Graphic Designer Or Web Developer?
The web design industry is highly competitive and often come across individuals from a multitude of backgrounds making a living out in the industry as a freelancer. For those who are looking to get your project started, find someone who promises good results at a great price is what really matters. Or does it?

When choosing a freelancer, you should look closely at your skill set and match it to your web project. To do this, you need to understand the difference between types of self-employed and the results made their skill sets.

In a perfect world, the fee for using an agency will not be as daunting as they are cheap and all the projects you want to use all the skills mentioned during a web presence. Let's look at the different skills and what you can expect to return to Let.

Graphic Designer
Graphic designers produce and communicate messages to customers with high visual impact. Graphic design solutions are required for different products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity.

the results
As expected you will end up with a wonderful sight for all to admire on the website. However, because your site is graphically intensive page may take a while to load. The code used by graphic designers will probably not be accurate and may result in your website by the search engines and Web Site Architecture probably will not allow the future development and growth of the web site was misinterpreted . A graphic designer is suitable for projects of character presentation or marketing, where a product or service to look attractive to sell it to the public is required.

The Web Developer
Web developer is a person or group of people specifically dedicated to developing applications for the World Wide Web, or network applications that run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser is distributed.

the results
A fully functional website that allows easy upgrades for you and will have an emphasis on speed and validation. However, the graphic elements of the website often leave much to be desired and the design standards website and often user satisfaction and commitment to provide it. A web developer is suitable for projects they want to expand the current functionality of the website, for example, you might want to make the website available to customers on mobile phones.

The Web Designer
Web design is a mixture of Graphic Design and Web Development. The design and development of the things that occur in the environment of the Internets information. The goal is to provide the features of high-end consumer and Aesthetic qualities.

the results
A good web designer believes all things from the perspective of the user. They are not experts in web development, but with the ability to build websites with the proper system architecture. Also do not make this stunning high resolution graphics, as they understand the balance between image quality requirements and optimization required to deliver content to their customers quickly. In essence, a web designer is a road and often the best choice for most web design projects.

With all things considered that the type of project you need completed and the customer base to attract your choice should command a freelancer in the end.

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