Monday, September 22, 2014

Guidelines of Mobile Web Design

Web Design Bangladesh:   Guidelines of Mobile Web Design
More and more owners of mobile phones use the web browser on their phone. iPhone and many different platforms out contributed to the development of mobile phone browsers, which requires special attention of web designers. Web Design for PC display is clearly not the same as the design of the mobile phone browser. This is the reason why the owner of the site is adding some emphasis to the mobile version of the web design of your site.

However, the mobile version of a website is not so simple, because the screen of the mobile phone does not offer the same amount of pixels on a computer monitor. Web designers should ensure that requests from mobile pages receive the most important information. Also need to consider the following load time and web design standards.

The big question for every site owner who wants to make the mobile version of your site is: "What do the users of my site do they do when it is accessed by a mobile device ". The first thing you should consider is the owner of the site to meet the needs of their users really fast. People accessing the website from their mobile phones are more likely to need quick information that suits them at the moment.

A good example of this would be to compare the two versions of Flickr. Both versions have more or less the same content on the page, but the changes in the hierarchy of smaller screens. They also seem to be considering the fact that most people probably are not going there just to browse the pictures as they visit the mobile to manage your account or access to certain information.

Given the screen space is very limited, must show only the essentials of your site. Should ultimately be able to make choices as easily as entering text on a mobile phone can be difficult, especially for someone in a hurry or want to find the information you really need fast using mobile phones.

Web design industry is constantly changing and adapting to the needs of web users. Access the website via mobile phones and devices become more and more popular, which requires a strategic approach from web designers.

Remember that content is still king and the people go to your site, mobile or otherwise, to access the information they need. That is why you should always think twice about how you want your content to be delivered and you will be one step earlier in the web game for mobile devices.

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