Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Important Factors of Web Design Usability

Web Design Bangladesh:   10 Important Factors of Web Design Usability

Too often web designers forget one thing web design is not just about innovative concepts and beautiful images with eye candy.

A website is visited and used by users. The following are 10 important points that you want to observe before you start your website

1 goal Sets and how to understand the purpose of your web design

What's to gain?

Go to the hearing?

Designing a simple user interface to the web?

2 Design parity

Many websites will have more than 10 kinds of fonts with 20 different sizes. Have you seen this type of web design?

Use CSS to help maintain parity across your web design.

3 Type  Source

Use readable fonts for your audience. After all, you are trying to leave their audience to understand about the web site you have designed.

4 More information on the top of the page

Because if the key words are at the top of the web page, which helps in SEO, not the main factor. Want to get your message immediately when the page loads.

5 Links

Make sure that your links are clearly visible. Do not use the same text and font and color for links.

6 Smart Using pictures

Want to limit the download time for your users. Do not Overload the graphic images on a single page. User is away. Remember, web design involves the user, usability is an important factor.

7 Resolution  users

Remember the user's screen resolution. As a designer usually works on large screen 1200 x 1024, not all Internet users enjoy that luxury.

8 Headings August.

Use the appropriate title to allow users to find the section you're reading now. Like a book, do not read a whole book without knowing what chapter you are viewing.

9 Navigation

Make sure that your navigation is clear and precise. Do not design a navigation system that does not understand the users.

10 Design for your target audience, asking for feedback before finalizing the design of your website and its users.

Looking handsome or beautiful design can be subjective, however, easy to use web design that can not be denied. You can test if a website is easy to use or not.

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