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Web Design Color Wheel Theory

Web Design Bangladesh:   Web Design Color Wheel Theory
This article examines the use of the color wheel theory related to web design. Explore the six basic color schemes are possible, as well as touching on the history and origin of the theory, its advantages and disadvantages.

The theory of the color wheel is used to analyze the nuances in design, a very important factor to consider is that usually refers only to the hues and does not include the level of saturation or brightness. While this may seem very serious to note that there are almost infinite amount of colors and a more limited number of colors that can be studied.

Its origins are not honest with Sir Isaac Newton and his co experiments lights in different colors. Featuring its original color wheel red, orange, yellow, green, cyan and blue and joined by Newton to show the development of the natural color of the end. More than a century later, Johann Wolfgang Goethe studied the psychological effects of color and changed the color wheel to separate the colors on the two sides, more and less color. Plus the colors are people who have had a positive impact on psychology and general includes warm colors like red and orange. The colors often allowed to run unresolved feelings and participants tended to lean towards blue and green.

The next wave is characterized by a Swiss art theorist named Johann Itten. Wheel in the shape we see today in the main Triad and the twelve main tone changed.

The web design is very advisable to put it in one of the following color schemes for your web design. Venturing out of it makes the color "shock" and spoil the overall impression of your page. Remember though blacks and whites are neutral and (if used correctly) plus any of the schemes also.


The monochromatic color scheme is exactly what it sounds like, a simple theme that uses differences in saturation and brightness / darkness in a single color in a design that is "satisfactory". It can be very relaxing to use and looks great with blue or green. Mono is great for simple websites such as blogs, as it prevents the design elements that draw attention away from the information.

Similar color scheme

Color scheme is centered around a main color gently supported by two adjacent colors on color wheel. As monochromatic scheme is a soft color that is applied to achieve better calming effect. Blogs and some online stores will be the best way to use the scheme.

Complementary color scheme

The complementary color scheme is made up of two colors faithful to each other on the color wheel. It should always be achieved by choosing their main color then draw a line through the 180 degree wheel to find its exact constant. Some complementary set of inappropriate web design because they are so high otherwise. While achieve a complementary color scheme great impact in the areas of web sites out of the online store will not be sued recommended mainly because it strains the eyes of the audience after a few moments.

Complementary color schemes Split

The split complementary scheme is used slightly more often than your usual complementary brother in web design. It uses a combination of three colors which means that you can create softer contrasts. This is done by selecting a color from the color wheel and find the two colors adjacent to complementary.

Triadic color scheme

The triadic color scheme of my personal favorite for web design. It uses a combination of 3 three colors spaced evenly around the wheel. The main advantage is that a good balance between harmony and agreement was achieved. Seem particularly well to shop online, as they just give you the ability to define multiple sections with different color contrast without creating offense.

Tetrad color scheme

The support scheme color wheel tetrad color schemes and complex variety. Sometimes it is referred to as the double complementary, because it uses two sets of complementary colors. Although no criteria for determining what is a good idea to ensure that they are equal space. While this scheme can be successfully applied to a website different and colorful appearance is especially difficult to balance.

I hope this article has been at least some help to you in your search for more information about web design and use of color. Although I have written this article in the web design in mind the theory of the color wheel can be applied to almost any type of graphic design or art.

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