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Non Searchable Text of Web Design

Web Design Bangladesh :  Non Searchable Text of Web Design
 Web design comes in many different schools of thought in the development and implementation of the edges, the latter is designed. You can use the tax on text for a creative look creative graphics, but the end will not help achieve the positive SEO. You can use flash design and still find a mediocre response from the search engine. You can also build a nice brochure that you can download the Portable Document Format (PDF) and there is little positive reinforcement in the ranking of web sites.

What seems to work for everything no? The answer is in the title of this article. In any case, the information provided by the search engines really unfathomable.

To be clear, the content of a website is only useful Optimization purposes Engines (SEO) looking for when the content is read, the text format. If the content is not text, you have no value to your SEO goals.

Text in JPG (or other image file)

This method of representing the text is longer been around and probably the least used today. Essentially, the premise is the creation of text and graphics, save it as an element of the picture and then put it on the website. It would be much better to put the text in the body of your site and create optimized images in full text.

Portable Document File

You may want some web designers an attractive brochure, can be downloaded manually or other document as a PDF file, the end user to deliver. This means, in fact, offers a great tool for those who are already fully prepared and the file in a format you can download it know exactly what they need. However, if the text of your SEO strategy for the website that you can benefit from considering the text only version of your site in a PDF alternative for those who appear to need to download.

If you are concerned about copyright violation you, you may wish to make the full text available online. In this case, you must have a curriculum rich in the keywords searched, while dispensing with the publication of the full text would be (other than an unchanging pdf) to develop.


Using Flash brings great pictures with sound and animation, but this feature creative design is compatible with the ranking of your website to search engines in a convenient way.

Some sites to build a hybrid site. The first page of the site is pure flash, the other side is a text driven. In this case, the end user has the possibility to use all the features of Flash, while the text provides a search engine outlet side, with all the information required for positioning the site of positive results.

Golden Rule right now - finding better positioning on site, the use of the text.

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