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Finding a suitable place to Basic Web Design to fit your needs

Web Design Bangladesh:  Finding a suitable place to Basic Web Design to fit your needs
It can be a time-consuming task of selecting a suitable web design that suits your needs. I hope to lighten the load for some of you and give you an idea of the design rules work better for certain types of business sites and personal web. I'll take you through the elements of a basic design and common design.

Some people make the common mistake of jumping directly and choose colors and fonts, today I did not say it was a bad thing to do, however, it should be seen as a less than other elements of design priority. The main reason for this is, if you need to change the color and font design at a later stage would be a much easier task to change the Structural design all together. So it is a better idea to focus first on the overall design of the design.

The selected design major regions

The best thing to start with is to select the main regions used in the design. To do this imagines that your design has color or blocks (squares and rectangles) with no content or images within the section. Start from the head and scroll down to the footer of your website. It may be useful to outline down on paper these sections to give you a better view of how everything is going to end.

You must decide if you have a top navigation So start with the header let,. If you decide to have one, placing it in the top right is recommended. Next would be to choose a place to put a picture of the static header or slideshow and finally, where to place your company logo (to the left of the design above is recommended as it is the first thing people will see when they visit your website). You can also add a second top navigation under the header image if you have lots of content to upload. Make sure you do not clutter the design, as it does not encourage the use and potential customers.

Once you have your favored header is the time to get down to the main content area of your website. It should be fairly simple, but you may want to add navigation to the left or right, again, if you have lots of content. To reduce clutter you can use expandable menus or drop down menus in your navigation. I would not recommend it for small personal websites.

If you do not add extra content navigation in your area you can also use the space for promotional graphics. When using promotional graphics try not to make too expanded as there is nothing worse than bright colors and large capitalized text. The best approach (if you really must add promotional graphics) is the use of something fairly small and simple enough to attract the attention of visitors, but not too much that they feel compelled EACH click on the graph. If you prefer you can just use static images to activate the design.

The footer on web design. It is better to use the area by placing their main link social media and website here, as well as any other additional links to specific areas. A popular practice is to separate the parts of footer columns 2-4, it provides a clean look and style can be many variations quickly.

Choosing the right font for your design

Now you have the design layout in place it is time to choose a satisfactory legibly. When you select the font for your paragraphs would be wise not to use the 'Times New Roman', most people find it difficult to read the font in a web page. Two good sources I use the paragraph 'Arial' and 'Trebuchet', 'Arial' as my personal favorite.

For the text of the header you can choose from many different sources, some of the sources I used for the header is 'fine', 'Opal', 'Arial', 'Rounded MT Bold' and 'many Pro'. The header can also be stylish in the color scheme of your design.

Choosing the right colors for your designs

May have an idea of what colors you want to use and, although it is possible to change and modify the rotation often to get the desired look. It is a great thing to do as selecting colors can be a difficult thing to get right. Choosing the right colors for your designs fall mainly in the profession of your business or personal services, the use of color portray the right message to your visitors. For example, it would be better to use the basic pastel for a lawyer and the bright and vivid colors website. In some cases, it may not work depending on the design and purpose.

On a more personal selection I chose to use a touch of blue and green on my website with different shades of black and white. Note that the pure white usually works well for web sites gives a broader aspect, but pure black is not so favored, which tends to have the same effect when it comes to mixing different colors of black paint, all you end up seeing is the black! However, there are some websites where black is successfully used.

When choosing colors for your web design sure to select incrementally change only about three of the four main colors of their chosen materials and colors from light to dark. You do not need to do this for each color, but it creates a beautiful contrast when used correctly. It is also a good idea to be based color your web site around your company's logo.

Taking each of the above points in mind, you should now have a well-rounded web design. Not many limitations when it comes to web design and this guide actually covers only a basic layout design, although I'm sure that the use of some of the recommendations given I need help when looking for the right design to suit your needs.

Now what?

Send your design to your web designer to work! This challenging accelerate the development time up. Even if you do a full-fledged web design, knowing who want it all and what color you want to use will help anyway. So what are you waiting for? Let your creativity!

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