Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vital Elements of Website Development and Web Design

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Today most of the companies consider a web-development investment and want to be assured return on investment (ROI). The return on investment is no certainty unless the website is designed and built with great care and effort. Some of the key elements for the success of development are:


Will be attractive to visitors of the website. Should be attractive to convert the visitor into a consumer website. There are different ways to make it attractive and attractive website. The two basic forms for this is the integration of visual content and the color scheme. Both forms are subject to the products or services sold and the target audience. The home page to other pages should be attractive so that visitors will be tempted to read it.

Cosmetics and configuration:

Every time the user visits a website he / she should be interesting. This is possible only when the website is updated regularly and updated with information of interest to visitors. How would you feel if you visit a website after a year and find that nothing has changed? Upgrading and updating is considered positively by the search engines to index the list of search engines.

Easy to navigate:

It is normal for visitors to be annoyed if he / she will visit your site and look what he / she is looking for. It may be due to the distribution in poor condition and the corresponding web pages more on the website. The visitor should be able to find what he / she looks for in fewer clicks. This is very important because online visitors usually run short of time and want to access the information as soon as possible. Browse easily facilitates better ranking of websites in search engine listings. Access to multiple pages in the website should be easier.


A website is not a person and therefore can not interact with visitors as any person can do. The possibility that the visitor suspect the authenticity of the website increases. It certainly can be very detrimental to business. The best way to get rid of the element of doubt reference is by physical address and other contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Page list:

There should be a page dedicated entirely to mention the products or services offered by the website. The visitor should be able to easily access this page and get to know the product or service they want is offered or not. Should be directly linked to this page page contains detailed information about the product or service.

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