Friday, September 26, 2014

Know the Difference of Web Development and Web Design

Web Design & Development in Bangladesh:  Know the Difference of Web Development and Web Design
If you are a nerd or a professional, perhaps confused to hear the same names together - web development and web design. The special conditions apply to professionals who have the skills to design the Web. Mobile Apps, functional and attractive web or blogging platform that we use to create our own website site: The same concept is about the innovations we used to use every day.

web Design
The design is significantly different from the process of development. It refers to the actual appearance, the "title" of the structure of the interface, if desired, and all the user's contacts. However, a web designer is an artist who takes and adds some elements that go well together not only. Goes beyond his work and includes strong IT skills and a sense of having practical and feasible. In addition, an ever-changing series, not only because of the design trends change, but because this part is to adapt to new tools and applications, the dynamic nature of the Internet.

web Development
Web development refers to the code, computer programming and software development and applications or modify existing ones. As a blogger or website owner, you need to publish content. System log and publish text, pictures or other files and connect to other users, the use of a web developer is done. It also stores all information in a database. It refers to the planning, construction of the "back-end" of the site, which are not visible to visitors. However, there is much work to go with it. That means that the format shown - that part is deciding what information is visible to visitors as it is. It also determines how they interact with the Site or with other users.

Web development refers to all aspects of non-designer to create a website, how to write functional code and markup. If we mention web design, we designed, visual way that everyone takes from planning and modeling, and ultimately the implementation of online electronic media content. The job of a developer includes a wider range. The processes involved in web development company do best with a good name. Web design can be a part of the job, because it is often included in the work and career of a developer. Those who can do programming for functional elements necessary to understand and gain power and create designs which elements and how the users are included.

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