Thursday, September 25, 2014

Usefulness of PHP in Web Designing

Web Design Bangladesh:  Usefulness of PHP in Web Designing
A web designer mooring Bumi interactive websites and applications using PHP and attractive. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is one of the most recognized language scripts for web design. There are no restrictions on the use of PHP for web design. Some of the important uses of PHP are as follows.
GUI means Graphical User Interface. PHP can be used for a number of utilities. The various utilities from creating simple web applications to create complex desktop applications. Most web designers are very familiar with using PHP and use it as a vehicle of transition. A thorough knowledge of PHP and its extensions are needed if you want to create a graphical user interface. Web Design with PHP's easy for those who have mastered the use of PHP scripting for desktop applications. A web designer can start with two popular extensions, especially PHO GTK and ZZEE PHP GUI. PHO GTK is open source and has a good set of tools. When PHP scripts are converted into functional Windows application, then ZZEE PHP GUI is an excellent solution.
Developing Facebook applications
If you want the integration of Facebook and the site, PHP can be of great benefit. Before the construction of the Facebook application using PHP-start, it is important that you are careful with the Facebook Developer's Guide. So it feels when the application is started as well. The manual contains the Facebook PHP library. Guide shows you how to use these library files. The instructions for installing these files step-by-step. If a web designer wants to design a Facebook application so it is highly recommended a thorough investigation of this resource.
Creating a mailing list
It allows you to PHP to design a custom script. With the help of PHP Newsletter, customers and others by email. A script can also per-out use. PHP mailing list is maintained to keep the people on the list to receive the information you want to receive it. PHP makes ground shipping.
Building the Internet Community
The online business promotion and packaging aware of your customers will feel like they're supported by a group of people or community. Can be used to interact with customers through mixed message board or social network. These customers know more about the products or services you offer to help. Developing online communities can be very useful to get feedback from customers. CodeIgniter PHP framework Cake PHP and how you can use to build an online community. Some of these tools are useful PHP VBulletin, PHP-BB and BB pun.
Development of E-Commerce
PHP is now used mainly for implementing ecommerce solutions. You can get a shopping cart using PHP framework like Cake PHP and CodeIgniter build. The integration of different payment solutions possible.

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