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Web Design that works perfect in all browsers

Web Design Bangladesh:   Web Design that works perfect in all browsers
One of the most important characteristics of a successful website is browser compatibility. However, it is one of the most neglected areas in the process of web designing and development also. Sure browser compatible website design your website well in the most popular browsers and is accessible by a large audience.

Inconsistency problem in Browser

When users want to open a web page, you specify a URL to the server via the browser. Your audience will be using a number of web browsers such as Firebox, IE, Opera and Safari etc connecting to the server via the Internet gateway. The request is sent to the modem via IP number of computer users. Modem then sends the request to the IP number of the ISP and then connect to the DNS. When connected to the website, the ISP sends the contents of the web page requesting computer. All information is presented in the form of HTML and becomes more normal text browser. This is the reason why the HTML language is known as client-side script.

The problem of browser compatibility for different browsers read HTML differently. And the website will have to attend all of them if you need to show, too.

Browser inconsistency in many browsers generally do not affect the functionality of the website. In fact, having an impact on the design and layout of the website. And it influences how see the most visitors to your website and receive the impression thereof. If you design your site for IE 7, it would be perfect to display all users who use IE 7, but for those who use the combustion chamber, it may show differently.

Tips to achieve compliance Browser

Follow W3C Standards

One of the main factors determining the compatibility of a website browser is the complexity of your design. Simple web design can be made compatible with multiple browsers by staying at some convention on the web like the W3C validation and compliance with standard resolution of 1024 pixels x 768 pixels for process design and development. However, intricate designs there are more factors to take into account.

Study habits of your target audience browser

It is important to make your website complies with the most popular browsers. And know what browser you need to focus on, it is important to identify your target audience and expect their browsing habits. For example, if your website is directed mainly to the Asian population, the users prefer using IE or Firebox. Nearly 60% of Internet users worldwide use IE followed by about 35% (and rising) that uses combustion chamber. Use other browsers such as Safari, Opera and others. Besides, there are also a growing audience segment using mobile devices to access the Internet and browse websites.

Check CSS

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a popular design tool used by web programmers. CSS classes are applied to different parts of HTML. However, a single type of CSS may behave differently in different browsers. Therefore, it is important to develop CSS HTML such that the output is the same in different browsers.

Maintaining a simple structure

structure of simple web page lets you tackle many problems of inconsistency and produce compliant with multiple browsers websites.

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