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10 Tips Web Development to improve the success of your website

Web Development Rajshahi :  10 Tips Web Development to improve the success of your website
The most common mistake, in any company or individual may, if venturing out on a new Web site project is to accept that the design is everything. I can assure you that the design of your website is not just what will make you successful.

A high-quality, professional web development services is what influences the success of your website and your online goals. High standard (above the industry) has been developed for a reason and that is to ensure that the products and services you receive are of the highest quality and at a professional level, so that your website is like right intended and provide ROI.

Too many companies rely on the success of your website to make your business to deal a decisive advance in dealing with a company of professional development measures based on price.

In this article I'll show you 10 tips for the proper development of the society and choose how to improve the success of your project.

Select 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Development Company

    Path - Select a company that has a history. Generally, a web company that has to show its achievements in 15+ site developed with case studies or self-development. All ratings or prices obtained also help determine this.

    Procedure - Make sure your chosen company has a strong development methodology or process. This means that if your chosen company is developing its website, you can follow the progress of the project and ensure that all the key quality standards are covered.

    Usability - Design plays an important role in the development of your web projects. Make sure the company has a strong capacity for visitor use and easy to learn to use interaction. Usability is how to effectively interact with visitors to achieve their ultimate goal of your site.

    Team Development - The company you choose should have its own development team. Used to not send a business that is not their project work overseas or outsourced business fabric. You do not want to chase an invisible rabbit in a hole, things to be affected by an unforeseen issue.

    Team Design - website of your company should ideally have its own design team, unless another person or company for the design. This advice relates to the tip 3, if your company has a web designer at home, to improve the success of the project, as is the development of design and better reflect its goals.

    SEO - Choosing a web development company with an understanding of the search engine. Another important factor for the success of any web projects is the company that handles known about SEO and how they affect your site.

    Social Media - Social media is a new form of marketing and success driver. You deal with a web developer can help you get a better traffic management and alternative means of login.This tip applies to active and projects based on socially meant to boost e- commerce website.

    Content - Content is the biggest thing driving and retrieving your site visitors. Content is the most important thing to make your product or service to sell, you should use the company to have to make good the technical development of effective content.

    E-Commerce - You can choose a web development company, e-commerce experience. E-Commerce is quick to make the best ways to make money online, how your payments from customers is very important. Beware of development companies, recommend and implement the best methods available can deal with it.

    Support - The most important advice to the needs of business travel can help you as a customer retention and service. The job with a company that goes in about a year from the time that you can use for many customers I met were left in limbo because the company or individual is doing that broke or leave the country jumped in you. in the middle of nowhere

In short, there are a number of issues to consider before choosing your web developer. I'm sure this article on the top 10 tips will help you find the best deal for the company to qualify their new web project.

Most of the 10 tips to be covered by your chosen development, but does not do double damage checking. I recommend you ask the company selected questions from my past 10 tips that will help you establish the right to be treated as a business.

All successful web project is the result of planning and evaluation in the absence of planning and assessment can not understand their decision to developing your website.

Choose wisely and intelligently approach of all, remember that if you put the work in the leg / foot to start, you will reap the benefits later.

Ben Davis is the director of sales and Web projects MEDIASCORE a specialized company in Auckland, New Zealand. He has over 6 years experience in project design and development for clients. He is also the author of "Search 5 Tips streamline your business'.
Core Media is the leading specialist of Auckland in New Zealand in web design and web development. We offer web design and development of quality professional services and highly suitable to the needs of your business online. We specialize in Magento ecommerce and CMS Joomla web developer and designer.

    Web Design
    Web Development
    Magento e-commerce specialists
    Specialize in Joomla CMS

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Lifecycle of Web Development(WDL)

The life cycle of development (BDM) is a specific variant of the general framework for developing any application development project. Unlike application development in general, all projects of web design and development follow a similar structure, so the cycle of life / process development can be created as a reference point for both teams web development and client to check the status of each project to determine and dictate to the following address.
Consists of eight described as the Lifecycle Web Development following identifiable stages:
1. Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is committed to providing business needs of high level, the scope of development, required delivery schedule and the overall viability, web design and cost of the project to understand.
2. Draft Specification
Founded the business needs of the website iterative approach between the client and the web design team, and documented in the form of a specification for high-level requirements. The focus is on policy and related business outlets. The implementation of the system, how to actually delivering the requirements are reserved for later. When agreed, the document is the basis for the later stages of the life cycle of development.
3. Web Site Architecture
Here are the hardware and software requirements are established for the provision of Web applications, as the most appropriate language and development of Web applications, operating system, database management system (DBMS) and hardware / hosting environment, the best suited to support the final site of a stable and reliable; taking into account the expected growth of data volumes, the number of visitors to web traffic and functionality.
4. Web Site Design Cycle
Delivery part has a special focus on web design system, they are models or prototypes of the screen, the system together with system solutions that allow both client and developer software , designers and management team clearly understand how the project will work from the perspective of the user and administrator. The CRM design will also consider it complete. This functionality of Web applications are considered in the context of defined outputs and business rules, and can result in high levels defining requirements, updated or changed. After that, a key is available here the low level of Website Design Specification / Document precise definition of the required web applications design and development of a project plan for software developers.
5. Collation content
Any necessary text and graphic content for the web application developed or by the customer (or software development company, depending on the relevant situation) obtained. Management functionality to modify the content of the website launch customers, and consistently, it is assumed to be contained and defined in detail the required high level as mentioned.
Project Development 6. Web Site
At this stage, a detailed project plan for the implementation of web design was established to identify the resources, defined deadlines and project dependencies clearly understood - especially with respect to which parts of the development can be performed in series or in parallel. This is the reality phase overlaps the next stage of the life cycle of Web Development, since all Web modules built unit tested by the Members of the development team to destruction. It is essential that all made by quality control software developers to ensure code compliance of the development of the project.
7. Testing and Quality Assurance
To ensure that all elements work together on web applications and can easily be made first and future demand is expected in the system - - all the way to many forms of tests are performed during this phase of the test volume system and user acceptance testing (UAT) and sign-off. There are many forms of evidence at the time required beyond the scope of this introduction phase, as testing and safety of cross-browser - all contribute to delivering a quality website and services for customers.
8. Web Site Development (Introduction)
When the site is reviewed and approved the implementation of the operations of the client company and the development of software and websites are used in production environments and their uses. After that, there is usually a period of prior agreement and an ongoing support contract of guarantee can be at the discretion of the customer.
Can vary the process, but in general terms, units and functions of a successful process of application delivery fabric to the client is not. I hope this is useful in the process of providing quality web applications for any business introductions.
About Us: Time Critical Solutions (Tecs)
Time Critical Solutions (TCS) Ltd., also known as "TEC" is an international trading company (IBC) incorporated in Cyprus (full member of the European Union). The company mainly serves most of Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean - as well as customers in other parts of the world. The company was formed originally operated in the UK in 1998 as Radiant Systems Ltd., to serve directly as a consulting boutique FT100 companies across the UK. From around 2003 there was a significant growth in demand for IT services to small and medium businesses that have the potential to realize the train, introduced his business and cost savings that can be achieved through automation and streamlining its operations .
Next The SME market for IT services to grow to this day. However, it is true that the quality of the services offered by the SME IT sector vary greatly, often with loose compliance with industry standards of design, development, documentation, support and customer service in general . Unfortunately, the sales of the industry but as a service oriented - and the price, but value as sensitive - many SMEs fall to address low-skilled, inexperienced service.

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The importance of color in website design

website design in bangladesh:  The importance of color in website design
First appearance is endless and always will be. For an impressive site, all these elements play an important role. Site color is as important as the content, images, ease of use and navigation of the website, a visual overall attractiveness to users.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The same goes for color. Yes, talk to the white color. So eloquent and so open to a user in the flow of your website or do you mean the first time.

Colors can evoke emotions and activate the factor of passion and love visitors. That is why companies offshore web design carefully and in particular web page color theme. Each color has its language.

A web designer, as tactfully or adaptation design is indifferent, if you do not know how to play with colors. Colors can be used in three different groups according to their personality evoke emotion is classified.

1. Warm-up: red, yellow, orange and pink
2. Cool: Blue, green and purple
3. Neutral: white, gray, brown and black

1. Warm colors like red, orange, yellow and pink, you can submit your site to bring the "Daredevil" and "bring-it-on" feel. The colors have their own reasons of grace. Warm colors demand attention. Red is powerful and inspiring emotions such as joy and enthusiasm, yellow, otherwise bad for the appearance of vulnerability and anxiety can show to feel the heat and the sun, it is when used properly treated. Orange improves appetite and feeling hungry man and he is innocent pink and feminine. So it is not surprising that you can see most of the websites of the well-appointed restaurant sites and products for babies of women "in orange and pink web.

2. Blue can be cool while encouraging. They reliability birth. Green is like money, nature and fresh, he said. Purple is the fuel of creativity and originality in the rough. It is a symbol of royalty.

3. describe neutral white purity and peace. However, the use of white color is in the countries of east and west, on the other hand shows the different definitions of death and marriage. However, Gray is the color of the least used in Eastern countries prefer to use gray as many Western nations as they show faith and tradition. He is regarded as one of the business the most widely used professional themes and specific. Brown shows on Earth and good for real estate websites. Black, if well used, could have a proper tone for the web display of grace, elegance and style.

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Web Development Specialized Skills and interact with clients at all levels

Web Development Company Rajshahi:  Web Development Specialized Skills and interact with clients at all levels
Information Technology (IT) all one of the most dynamic sectors of the global economy. In fact, the welfare sector is critical to the performance of the economy as a whole, with swings in the sector greatly affecting the economic well-being worldwide. IT services can be divided into various specific disciplines. One of the most important of such IT service is web development.
Be defined Web service development activity carried out a professional web designer to create a website. The website for publishing on the World Wide Web (ie, Internet) meant. However, there is a technical difference between web development and web design services. While the latter involves all aspects of the design and layout of a web page, writing codes and generating markers are important tasks under development.
Websites Development services for a wide range of IT-related service requirements. Some of the key areas involved in web development include e-commerce, business development, developing content for the web, the web server configuration and client-side (or server) scripting.
While web development teams of large companies can choose from a large number of developers together, it is not uncommon for smaller businesses, a single customer Webmaster. It is also understood that although web development requires specialized knowledge, usually a collaborative effort of various departments of a company that is a success.
Web development is an important personality, and can be divided into different sections, smaller. To understand the mechanism of development, you have a typical hierarchy of such system. In general, any process of development of the following sections include:
a) The client side coding - This phase of development involves the use of various programming languages. The languages ​​are:
i) AJAX - an up-gradation of Javascript or PHP (or any similar language). The focus is on improving the end user experience.
ii) CSS - the use of style sheets,
iii) Flash - commonly known as using Adobe Flash Player, which provides a platform on the client side,
iv) JavaScript - The programming language and various forms of encryption,
v) Microsoft Silverlight - only works with the latest version of Windows 9x,
vi) XHTML - This is used as a substitute for HTML 4. With the acceptance of HTML 5 by the international browser community, this would be gaining popularity.
b) Server Side Coding - A wide range of programming languages ​​can be used in the server side coding component of a web development process. Some of them are:
i) ASP - this is proprietary product from Microsoft,
ii) Coldfusion - also known as Macromedia (its formal official name)
iii) Perl and / or CGI - an open source programming language,
iv) Java - including J2EE and / or WebObjects,
v) PHP - another open source language,
vi) Lotus Domino,
vii) Dot Net (NET) - Microsoft's proprietary language,
Viii) Websphere - owned by IBM,
IX) SSJS (a server-side JavaScript) - including Jaxer Aptana and Mozilla Rhino,
x) Smalltalk - including Seaside and AIDA / Web,
Xi) Ruby - comprising of Ruby on Rails
Xii) Python - this is the web framework called Django.
The client side coding is mainly design and web design. Moreover, it ensures that the server side coding, that all the back-end system is working properly, and the functionality of the website is correct. The two areas of coding need to be combined with an effective development process to create a professional, professional.
Website development is increasingly popular in the worldwide IT industry. In this context, Australia, in particular, Sydney, deserves special mention. There are number of web development companies of Sydney. Web development in Sydney is a well known service and the developers of the area are thorough experts in this field.

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Understanding Web Development Business

Web Development Company Rajshahi:  Understanding Web Development Business
Internet campaigns for the general public and used to publish personal and professional information with some compelling user experience. Development or the creation of a website or web application hosting exciting and online has become easier through the use of innovative technologies. In fact, the technology is used for web developers and end users to enhance the overall web experience. This trend is clear as more sites are published online to see. The Internet can be easily distinguished from other common technologies such as television and radio, as the web is enough space for users, individuals with unlimited scope for expansion, creativity and reach a large number of public hearings.

The Internet is seen as a collection of various types with frequent mix of personal and professional web spaces. The Internet is meant to be a platform for knowledge to give the masses at the time of his birth. But it's a long way, a place where the user is connect the world to interact and communicate on their own will come across websites and web applications right now. Now, even companies that perform in line with their productivity online overshadow real world productivity. The Web is to buy an inimitable marketplace for people and selling all kinds of products and services.

Web development cycle begins with the foundation of a thought for a Web application that performs business processes for individuals or society. Has reviewed and proceed more ideas and re-evaluated to determine the scope and requirements of the web application. To define business requirements, companies are moving forward with the actual development of Web applications. Web development is a specialized field of work, which includes the developing understanding of technology and all other related processes. Web developers are not automatically good custom site. They must be and understand the exact expectations of the web application. In studying the features and functionality of the web application, the web developer to build a successful web application processing business and put it online fast.

Self Technology is a set of technologies and programming languages ​​used to create and run a computer program. Some of these technologies and the development of more popular custom Web application that is essential for web developers learn HTML, XML, Flash, Perl, CSS et al. A programming language is a way to communicate with the computer of the user to handle the problem according to the desired logic. Web application development is much more than computer programs in several languages ​​just to write and run the program to get the desired results. Web development is a branch of computer science that includes linking the billions of computers and a program that runs it with others.

Leaving the intricacies of technology, the use of the public Internet are discussed. Now modern technology allows end users to build a fully functional website and publish information online. There are many content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress and help users get a personal and professional government websites and free from any problems of internal development. Web developers include the complexity of development by creating a user platform that helps non-technical users to Web enthusiasts. Even technical staff is always called to solve the problems occurring by users.

Speaking of web applications, there is always a quick mention applications to improve the user experience by processing a quick exit and displayed without the need to update the website. Such client-server web applications are Rich Internet Applications (RIA) known and has developed web development technologies such as Adobe Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, and in cooperation with scripting languages ​​such as ASP.NET server side, PHP , Ruby and more, all dynamic Internet applications are exciting and offer a compelling interactivity for users. A typical RIA is a web-based application that runs on the client browser and synchronize the data in the database server, while a traditional desktop based software. Therefore, the user's desktop as the features and functionality of the Web.

For professional web development company providing a broad knowledge of technology and PHP like.Net and many experience and know-how about praising custom Web application is a prerequisite. The web development company can serve customers worldwide as the company can reach a maximum audience on the Internet. Before submitting the final application, companies need to look for a resounding web presence of solve problems like browser compatibility standards, accessibility and web. Web standards in particular have been introduced to ensure that websites meet their fundamental purpose if communicating with users.

The company and the market for web development is not new. Development is always there, because the sun itself on the Internet, which has developed only over time and its development has accelerated ever. Custom web application development, a broad perspective, more and more organizations related web development services worldwide to getting your web representations senior company.

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The heaviness of Choosing the Right Web Design Software

 Web Design Bangladesh :   The heaviness of Choosing the Right Web Design SoftwareWeb design is one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry today, and it just continues to grow. If diving is completed in this industry are after graduation, or if you are self-taught, you'll want to choose the best web design software with your design style and the types of sites you structure this setting. Here are some comments from some of the most popular web design software is available to help make the decision a little easier for you.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver will certainly rise in popularity in recent years because of its versatility and ease of use for professional web designers. Dreamweaver was originally developed by Macromedia was acquired by Adobe in 2005. It is designed to be used by the Mac and PC users. Dreamweaver improved and updated to the latest version of Dreamweaver CS5.5 that. Adobe Web site will find the following features of this software:

The Multiscreen Preview panel

integration of jQuery Mobile

CSS3 / HTML5 support

Live View rendering

Create Android and iOS apps with PhoneGap

Joint support of CMS

FTPS and FTPES support

Suggestions for specific site code

Integration with Adobe Creative Suite

W3C validation

Support for Subversion

Integrating Adobe Browser Lab

CSS Inspection

Support Intgelligent Coding

PHP custom class code hinting

Easy to set page

CSS home page

CSS Support

Integrated FLV content

Microsoft Expression Web (quartz)

This software replaces Microsoft FrontPage. It is a web and product design in HTML editor and is part of the suite of Microsoft Expression Studio. The original version, Microsoft Expression 1 was established in May 2006. Since then, three other published versions published, giving each other more and better features offer than the previous, in the final version that Microsoft expression Web 4 promote expression 4 of the following characteristics:

Supports video coding standard and HD

Editing Professional Code

Graphic Design and Illustration

Vector and raster graphics integration

Direct images of importing Photoshop

Support for PHP, HTML / XHTML, XML / XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.Net, ASP.Net AJAX, Silverlight, Flash, Windows Media, and Photoshop

Built in accessibility checker

Import and export of a wide range of file formats

SuperPreview feature allows debugging of multiple browsers

Easily add Silverlight, Flash, Deep Zoom or Windows Media files with drag and drop

Develop and edit modern CSS layouts

WMV, VC-1 and H.264 Silverlight video encoding and Admission

FTP, SFTP or FTPS: You can select the FTP method for publishing your site

NetObjects Fusion

Fusion is a product of NetObjects, Inc. and since 1996 Between 1996 and 2010, twelve versions released by melting around. It is a very easy to use application that offers some excellent tool very easy to use. NetObjects.Com lists the following functions of this program include:

NetObjects Technology downpour

Administration Site

New image processing engine

parts of the form

Mobile template and SiteStyles


CSS controls

SEO improvements


Parts Database

Assistant Site (May SiteStyles templates, layouts and mobile)

Template with modern elements Ajax

Improved methods of generating code

Site Insurance (insurance)

Drag and drop text, images, photos and other media

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Web Design - A Good Banner Designing

Web Design Bangladesh :  Web Design - A Good Banner Designing

Today, most service providers in web design and development would undermine or simply neglect the possibility of managing the business through banners on the website. This is mainly due to the limited understanding and knowledge flag design.
Some of the most important considerations for making a good banner is as follows.
Copy Issues (Content):
The success of each banner is dependent only on the particular holder of the copy. If the title is catchy enough, the reader is sure to explore the rest of the content of the banner. Some of the aspects that play a key role in the success of the flag is: What should be the flag? Why has designed the flag? How do the characteristics of the flag? What is the meaning of the flag to the reader and why should remember the flag? The key should lead to actions such as "gift" will be included on the banner.
The placement of the banner:
It is better to know that the flag is going to be. This is important because the environment plays an important role in creating banners felt. With AdWords, you probably will not see on the website is flagged it is placed. After the flag for AdWords presented, and placed in different locations, you will get to know the placement of the flag. If it is, a way of learning sites where your banner stands, are better educated, and some notes that may be useful for future research to do is Strong reach. The number of banners on the website, the design style of other colors, as the banner text, the Jelling banner with the rest of the unique website content and plays an important role in the success of banner paper.
With the appropriate color is crucial to the success of the flag as well. Has different meanings in different cultures colors. Affect the subconscious.
The graphics on the banner should not only attractive but also informative. Suppose offer flagged lingerie store. The highest women can be called as a model for this, but the name of the product bearing them, including prices should be used. Graphics or images that irrelevant information is useless.
Most of us used the framework to look at the pictures on the wall around it. A framework for the content of banner helps visitors to his / her attention. Just take a few moments to add a border to the flag.
Read the source:
The text on the banner must be legible and easy to read. There is no meaning of the text is blurry letters and poor contrast. The best way to determine if the font is readable by an older man to read. If older people are thoroughly and easy to read without stopping, then there is nothing wrong with the source.

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