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The difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer

Website Development Bangladesh:  The difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer
Web designers are often considered one and the same, but often this is not really the case! A web designer may have some of the skills of a web developer and vice versa and freelancers often check all the boxes for all categories within the agency but there is usually a place that entitled people should focus on.

Web Designers 

In industry, there is a possibility to have a creative engine for a new web project. His skills are in graphic design. They are often expected to have knowledge about the availability, color and design theory and any other skills to contribute to the creative elements of the production of a website.

They often have little knowledge of technologies such as HTML and CSS, basic technology used to make the front (what the user sees) of the website. They may even have some knowledge of JavaScript or Flash to create dynamic websites or animated.

The technical side of web design coding these days are often left with a front end web developer.

Front-end Web Developer 

Front-end web developers are often expected to have a bit of creativity and knowledge of user-centered design, but apart from that has extensive knowledge in HTML and CSS, as well as technology Script client side javascript , jQuery and AJAX.

Front end web developer is expected to also have knowledge about the availability and requirements of the web site search engine.

Its overall role is often to take the designers design and make it a "front-end web 'that looks exactly the same in all browsers, which are often the most consuming part of the development web front end time.

Database Developer application developer Web Developer / / Back end 

These are usually what we mean by 'web developer with knowledge and experience to create complex applications from the principle that the power of the web and decide what information is sent by users to see the

There is a large variety of programming technologies used in developing PHP web site becomes more popular and ASP.NET.

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Contact Best Web Design

Web Design Rajshahi:   Contact Best Web Design
Did you know you can play your web developer a major role in shaping the success of your online business? In the current era of multimedia online world, owning a website is not enough to set it apart from its competitors. Therefore before going to design your website, ask yourself what you need your website and what your expectations of your website.

Worth a web design and development company standard orientation bid to choose the right web developer. It will help to get rid of the fatal error, you and your online business failures that cost.

With the growing needs of industry development, it is necessary for you to choose a web developer the right to boost your online business. According to the first level of the company, you should try a perfect web developers all possible ways to generate more revenue for your online business. To boost your online business as designers sure to add the search engine optimization through innovative ideas, solutions custom web design, marketing strategy successful website; Internet services and single window.

Web design even suggest to see if your web developer is sufficiently competent to perform the task with creativity, reliability, and determination for excellence. Apart form it is even necessary to determine whether they offer their services for the long term and make only know how to apply online marketing strategy. These strategies will give your online business a competitive advantage ingenuity and available today.

Some individuals choose based web developer first contacted them. People do not even want to put little more effort in finding a better web developer on your own. But the people who are really concerned about their businesses prefer to find a web developer yourself. Such people make a choice based on the price offered by different web development firms.

Besides offering competitive prices web design Exhibitions proven track record and ability to keep competitive competitors website. While going for a selection that is bound to get clear on your own at some point.

While choosing a Vancouver web design organization needs to be aware of some questions to help you contact the best. Questions such as

1 How long has it been in the business of web design?
2 Do you have a sister concern? If yes, then in the same region or different regions?
3 When the job is done they will do after-sales service, if required by you?
4 Do they have the ability to offer what you are looking for?
5 price offered to you is feasible when compared to other organizations in the market?

Once you are done with the questions above are sure to get in touch with the best web design Vancouver.

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Get more benefits to SEO Reseller program, but without losing customers in the process!

Website Development Company Bangladesh: Get more benefits to SEO Reseller program, but without losing customers in the process!
Most small Internet marketing agencies and medium developed countries (Western countries such as USA, UK, CAN, etc.) will feel the heat when they began to lose customers and revenues plummeted because of the increasing 'SEO company "the developing world, particularly in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. The reason being - whatever the western companies and agencies offering 'SEO companies' matched the world in the development and even given the incredibly low rates.

The SEO firm in developing countries (known only as an SEO company) practiced very aggressive marketing tactics and just flood the labor market in line with the large amount of volume, but with a questionable quality for some.

Average hourly rates:
.: $ 76-US $ 150 per hour

UK: $ 100 to $ 200 per hour

IND: <$ 25 per hour

AUS-NZ $ 100 to $ 200 per hour

Statistics Credit: AYTM Market Research December 2011

The internet marketing agencies in the West have had a big problem in question and considering that the main advantage of SEO companies is their labor costs at the lowest price that can not be matched by the agency in the west and therefore in a situation of perennial disadvantage. Manny small agency has closed or moved to do something else entirely, however some individual consultants and agencies prevailed and slowly began to turn the tables and began to consistently get more benefits than you ever did.

Now you must be thinking, what did they do differently?

The answer is to analyze the situation and adapt just as emerging trends.

They use only the power of many SEO companies on their behalf.

They use their hard earned skills in management and research to develop processes and outsource part of making distant SEO companies.

This meant they could now offer cheaper prices to their customers and even small agencies may accept more work without having to increase spending on getting a larger work force or office space.

Found new advantages are:

1) Small agencies and even individual consultants can now afford to take a job in large quantities, because it does not need to invest in additional hire or local activities.

2) They began to receive higher return (ie income), because they can do the work at much cheaper rates than usual.

3) existing customers located primarily in Western countries relied more on local service provider for an enterprise located in some distant third world countries and now can do the job at about the same rate as far as the company SEO.

4) The doubts raised about the quality of work as well as dim agency ensured compliance processes and quality control.

5) It also led to the SEO companies to start targeting agents to market their services as much economic sense to get a stable supply of jobs and massively use their biggest advantage around its potential instead of exploring for private clients. So in a sense, it became a success scenario for all parties involved.

However, not everything went smoothly as soft as it looked. Some of these agencies, which are not very skillful enough or care, began to lose customers, whether due to poaching directly from their partners Outsourcing or due to lack of adequate quality controls in place .

A good jerk is distributed to the agencies providing services in search engine marketing when Google introduced pandas and penguins algorithm changes. Most agencies do not maintain the high quality standards that have lost most of their clients, which will lose all traffic and sales for their website to be penalized by Google.

Many agencies and consultants that are making huge profits before began to doubt this business model as a whole and blamed the recession on their partners or outrageously Google SEO to achieve changes in the first place.

The solution however is to be considered at some point many agencies still continue to grow and make huge profits using the same proven business model over time.

The points are:

1) They explored for Outsourcing partners around the world, but only gave business people first tested with small projects that ultimately choose the right Outsourcing partner rather than simply choosing the cheapest.

2) Before bulk work them to made ​​them sign the "NDA" and non-disclosure agreements "ANC" (and the agreements do not compete).

3) They made sure that their partners Outsourcing followed their established work procedures and quality control.

4) Rather than rely blindly on their Outsourcing partners for implementation of the scheme is actually working as team leaders and ensured that procedures are followed to the letter to the test and random testing.

5) Those agencies invest their time and shared new research on the latest trends in Outsourcing their partners.

6) It is said that means 'white mark' not only put your logo on the report prepared by the Outsourcing partner, but rather the format and the procedure is also followed.

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Threepenny SEO Services

 Website Development Company Bangladesh:Threepenny SEO ServicesSearch engine optimization is to make your website rank on the top position in the search. You can find many organizations that offer this service. So while choosing the company you should look for certain things such as the quality of work they offer, SEO experts, the strategy applied and the cost. Course fees much matter. You must be careful that the company you are considering taking your choice for quality work at a reasonable cost.

Foreign countries now rely on developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, etc. for the works to optimize. These countries offer quality work at lower costs. Kerala to grow today in the field of optimization. The state helps in recruiting professionals at very low cost SEO.

Never compromise the quality of your work to get cheap services. Always give priority to the superiority of their work. Many SEO company in Kerala, that gives great work at inexpensive prices. Before choosing an organization to go and see your website and make sure that getting a reputable company. Optimization results are instantaneous. The quality of work can be so easily recognizable.

There are several organizations in Kerala that provides superior work in a very low quality. The main source of the developed countries in the works for this reason. If quality works are provided at a low price why you should ignore it? Opt for this type of optimization company that provides excellent work at a low speed.

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Customer Satisfaction: Seven Action Items to make you notice

Website Development Company Bangladesh: Customer Satisfaction: Seven Action Items to make you notice
Oh, the joy of humming along with great songs, victory, beautifully remastered version helped, especially Tonal electronic beats again and again repeated by the phone interface filtering services pending operator finally click and tell us the conversation will be recorded for training purposes. That begs the question, "What is the customer satisfaction training are you doing?"

This sequence is actually worse when informs us our Bangladeshi friends this question we call an hour before you answer the FAQ page of the company website. But then, read the FAQ and the thing still does not work, which is the motivation for calling in the first place.

Seem to win the day Customer Hell. However, as we did get what we ask customers? How many times the comb to sell over department store greeted with, "Can I hep 'ya?"

So, back to our monotonous said too many times, "No, thank you. Just Watch."

After this dialogue became scourge of big business, some business school graduates came up with the term ground shaking, "self".

Gone are the days when you actually try any service stations and instead chose to be the distribution system gummy bears and Moon Pie, and yes, a bit of gas for your car to go along with that giant slug sugar syrup laden soft drinks calls.

Is there a business model for true customer satisfaction? We have to think in those terms, because if you study the facts, customer service can be a turning point in strengthening the bottom line. Check out these statistics from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs.

• 91% of dissatisfied customers will never again buy services from you.
• For every customer who bothers to complain, there are 26 others who remain silent.
• Each of your customers has a circle of influence of 250 people or potential customers who hear bad things about you.
• It costs about five times more to attract a new customer as worth it to keep an old one.

These statistics show the importance of customer retention is especially considering the high cost of acquiring new customers.

What can we do better? The service is very simple for a couple of things that your mother may have told you. The word "service", explains the seven steps to excel above its competitors:

Say 'Thank you.' Be sure to include the 'you'.

Drive current and potential customers with an honest display of caring for them.

Respond quickly with a feeling of having Haste to solve any problems.

We appreciate your client and show that you care about them with a gift, a new service, and anything else of value.

Invest in your 'word of mouth', offering an incentive to tell a friend.

Call your customers before you call. The power of kindness, the true sense of genuine respect and no Telemarketing, can go a long way.

Power extra mile. As Napoleon Hill taught, go the extra mile. It is one of the 17 principles demonstrate value to customers and prospects want to earn your business. Give more than promised, even before the sale, it is magic.

Imagine your success in developing a plan super serve their customers. If you are now a customer of your business,, how about the service you receive.

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Website Design Best in Joomla Why?

Web Development Bangladesh: Website Design Best in Joomla Why? Definition of Joomla:
'Joomla' comes from the Swahili word "jumla". Media 'jumla' all together '. It is a system of open source content (CMS) software and famous in the world of web development code. It is built on technologies like PHP / MySQL and includes features like banners, polls, RSS, the login module, Printable Pages. Developing a website is very easy to use Joomla.

Benefits of Joomla:
Joomla is one of the best CMS (Content Management System). It is free software and open source cost powerful. Anyone can download a free and easy way to install to build a dynamic website (static website easier). No programming skills are necessary requirements. Most download-able extension of Joomla for free and some of them are commercial. The Extension Directory now includes over 5,000 extensions. A Web Design Company Choosing the Joomla software to build a site like Base. Can easily customize the template designer. Joomla web designers using text, image, video, link, background, theme, and page logo, any of the elements on a web page should be attractive. A designer can create a website from PSD to HTML / XHTML and valid CSS / XHTML Joomla website. You can download any of the articles in PDF format.

features Joomla-

1 system of full content.

2.Easy to change the template and supports multiple templates.

3 Support for multiple languages​​.

4 Integrating search module.

5 Easy management of users.

6 common management of contact.

7 Easy menu management.

8 Management Pool.

9 Outstanding Gallery Management.

All formats of video 10 Management.

11 News Management.

12 Having SEO (search engine optimization) system / SEO friendly.

13 And more.

Many websites in the world using Joomla web development. Now-a-days many website design company to design a Joomla site in Bangladesh. Syntech is one of the leading web design company.

Examples of web sites are as follows:
1 Personal Website
2 The website for the school.
3 portal of the government.
4 eCommerce site.
5 corporate website.
6 social networking sites / community design.

Syntech Solution Ltd. is an affordable Outsourcing, offshore web design company offers custom website design Joomla Joomla CMS.

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The Internet History of Bangladesh

Web Development Bangladesh:  The Internet History of Bangladesh
History of the Internet is not that old, even in developed countries. The people of Bangladesh have had to remain in the dark about it for a long time due to lack of availability of services in this part of the world. The main obstacle is to start the service have data circuits to a suitable location abroad. However, provided that it started a few young talent email services dial and made ​​commercially available for public use. In late 1995 the government of Bangladesh invited applications subscribe to data circuits VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal).

On June 4, 1996, the circuit VSAT data base was commissioned for the first time in the country. After commissioning VSAT Internet connection is established and its services are made ​​available to the public. Then he launched on the Internet, made available in June 1996 results of national survey of Internet users worldwide use the World Wide Web. This is the first case of its kind using Bangladesh. Efforts are valued in many corners especially Bangladeshis living abroad.

After the introduction of the Internet, the use of e-mail increased exponentially due to the direct point to point transmission. Before Dial up link is used to communicate with a mail server abroad through international phone calls. Loading and Unloading mail is made ​​using UUCP (Unix to Unix copy).

The introduction of the Internet not immediately create a market. At year end, there are only two ISPs in the country and the number of users is about one thousand only. The year 1997 recorded a tremendous growth. The total number of Internet providers are more than a dozen and customer development is ten times higher than the previous year. Then a new ISP started their adventure with a proportional increase in the number of users. However, more liberal government policies continued in later years led to a rapid expansion of this industry, ultimately resulting in more than 180 Internet service providers to be registered by 2005 In 2006 Bangladesh was connected to the sea -Me-WE 4 submarine cable. After that, found that many ISPs the opportunity to connect the submarine cable by the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (now BTCL). This is the time when the number of Internet users has increased by wide margin as wide band quality and price became affordable to people in general. Over the years BTCL reduced the price of bandwidth at regular intervals to attract more and more users to the Internet cloud.

From now on, the control Telecommunications Commission of Bangladesh (BTRC) has about 166 license holders ISP registered and have about 450 (450) miles of the users connected to it, which is about 0.32% of the total population.

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Very Important Tips of IT Business

Web Development Company Bangladesh: Very Important Tips of IT Business
Do you know your business is truly recession-proof? If you do not know, then you need to check now.

The recession has opened the eyes of business owners around the world. The upward movement of Asian markets and real estate market of high margin will create a catastrophic spending causes further drop in the market; Liquidity crisis added fuel to the recession and you know the rest of the story.

The major costs have been the people who work with you. From basic to advanced skills, that too if they are software developers as developers, Developers and PHP Web designer; it will cost you very high and their heads salaries. Now the problem is to be the IT software company or subsidiary can not live without them too, because the customer would like the expert and can not ignore the needs of the customer.

The best solution is to outsource their web development projects for the company in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. You can see a wonderful talent with a little knowledge of searches on Google.

You can search on Google for key phrases like "PHP developers India", "India Developers" or "Web Development India"; you can find a great list of companies. Mainly their rates are affordable. You can hire PHP developer or developers or Web Development Company for $ 10 per hour or so. Really interesting and profitable Is not it?

Believe me you will save more than 70% of their costs by Outsourcing your web development work.

Why PHP Developers and Developers Outsourcing is so profitable? The reason is simple, the difference in money between the two countries and the common wage gap in Asia.

What is needed?

It only takes a little time to search Google. Read the website development provider with caution, this process, portfolio construction, the profile of its developer, PHP developers, Web developers. Read their policies and compare. I'm sure some clever work and little research Outsourcing can make your IT-based business completely recession proof.

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Could the Global Financial Crisis Be Opportunity of Climate Change?

Web Design Company Bangladesh: Can the global financial crisis is the window of opportunity to seriously address climate change?
It seems that in the face of the current global financial crisis is all but forgotten a larger problem with ramifications monumental and potentially catastrophic proportions.

We missed a window of opportunity to address climate change and the global financial crisis
In November 1992, a document signed in 1600 by leading scientists in the world, including half of all Nobel Prize winners at the time, issued a warning to all humanity to man and the natural world is a collision course . The document lists all pending environmental, water resources, soils, oceans, forests, biodiversity and overpopulation crisis. Both men eminent warned that no more than one or a few decades in most kept to avoid the threat of great human misery and suffering and warned world leaders that major changes are needed in our stewardship of land and its resources to avoid irretrievable damage to our global home.

Unfortunately, humanity is almost ignored the most incredibly important pronouncements, the loss of almost two decades which can and should we have started the implementation of concrete measures to preserve and protect the biosphere against further damage .

There is no doubt that every year has gone massively contributed to the potential hardship and suffering for our children and grandchildren will endure.

It is part of the global warming of the Earth's natural cycle?
Tell us scientists that several hundred million years ago when the continents were arranged differently, the Earth is in fact, 5-15 degrees (C) warmer than it is now. Of course that was long before the existence of Homo sapiens. Then, when the continents separated, cooled the planet continues. Took core samples show that Arctic sea ice over the past 9,000 years the temperature of Earth has been relatively stable.

Stability that lasted until the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. However, since there was a marked increase in temperature. Since the increase of temperature has been in a relatively short period coincided with an increase in emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and deforestation des can be no doubt that the gradual warming of the planet due to human activities. However, the temperature increase is most marked since the 1950s when consumerism has become the new code of the Western world to live and committed to the factories for the war effort, he moved to pumping products for the new "pull" age.

With the rise of industrial economies of China and India, now pumping infinite number of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the rate at which the temperature is increasing every year is ringing alarm bells around the world. Magnificent epic film Al Gore's The Inconvenient Truth brought the message home to millions. Except recalcitrant skeptics, Gore finally cleared the last vestige of the argument claiming that global warming only natural phenomenon. From the movie many climate scientists called Gore a "global call to arms" to fight climate change potentially fatal supported.
Unfortunately, to date, some hold the belief that only one or two degrees, spread over the next fifty years or so will make little difference. Unfortunately for the world, many political and business leaders from the deniers of the truth.

The ill-informed people should talk to those living in low-lying countries such as Tuvalu, the Maldives, Bangladesh and many coastal areas almost every country landlocked sea. They would soon discover the famous unfortunate these and many other countries are under imminent threat of rising sea levels.
Besides the growing flood densely populated country, we are experiencing an increase in the severity and frequency of devastating tornadoes, cyclones and storms. Most climate scientists now attribute the events and changing weather patterns to over-heating of our planet.

Droughts has also increased in severity and duration, while the polar ice cap, including all the world's glaciers and the Greenland ice shelf is melting at an alarming rate. From the deserts of Asia and Africa continue to expand, extrusion many poor communities to abandon traditional lands, throwing more stress on the ability of poor countries and falling to respond to the growing number of new refugees environment.

By vectors, such as malaria and encephalitis transmitted diseases are becoming common in previously immune to the threat of the area.

As crops fail regularly by drought, hunger is a growing problem, while in the oceans of the planet, many marine species at risk of extinction due to higher sea temperatures, increased acidification, loss of corals and seagrasses, and the rapid proliferation of marine parasites like the crown of thorns starfish. Meanwhile, the grass was found growing in the Arctic for the first time. While it makes some creatures to move closer to the North Pole, many species such as polar bears and emperor penguins, which relies on the cold conditions are threatened with extinction. Blooming flowers, birds and frogs breeding moves 2-3 days earlier with each passing day and while some forms of life thrive in warmer temperatures decades, others have been forced from their habitat. With the melting of large expanses of tundra, massive amounts of methane (five times more harmful than CO2) are being released into the atmosphere exacerbating the critical problems blithely call the "greenhouse effect".

Oceans of the world affect our climate more than many realize. They are, in fact, natural engines driving massive climate and weather patterns around the world. As the warm water of Ecuador was driven northward by the wind and the waves turned, evaporation and the star of the sea ice contribute to the density of sea water of the Arctic cools, sinks and returns to the South again.

In 2004, underwater exploration under Arctic ice found that only two of the seven massive column of cold water that helps drive the ocean circulation is working. Reported alarmed scientists that global warming is threatening the ability of the stream to work. Found the remaining range is pathetically weak compared to normal functionality, increasing speculation that rising temperatures may completely close the thermohaline circulation with potentially catastrophic for northern Europe, Russia and the United Kingdom consequences.

Because there is no doubt that the main cause of the collapse of the entire ecosystem is anthropogenic, although factors such as the orbital path of the Earth, volcanic eruptions on the sea floor and under the Arctic ice, gravitational changes, energy from deep outer space and sunspot activity all play a role. However, where the temperature changes are a result of the cause, the ecosystem of the Earth could possibly repay and adapt to life without significant damage. On the other hand, complex systems of the planet is clearly're cope with the intervention.

Because many factors contribute to the debate on climate change, scientists do not really know what will happen over the next five years, much less the next fifty. However, few would deny the devastating consequences of human influence on the planet, or they will continue for thousands of years, even were we to stop all greenhouse gases tomorrow emissions (which obviously did not happen). Despite the best efforts of scientists to now, most of the prediction and prognosis proved to be accurate. For example, the rate at which the Arctic ice is melting, the disappearance of glaciers and changing weather patterns that have passed the worst predictions.

If there is a more significant collapse or slowdown of the thermohaline circulation, no one knows if northern Europe will be significantly warmer, cooler, or even dive into a new ice age!
Most climate experts agree that now, we can not afford to adopt a wait and see approach, while climate change boffins still more computer models and analyze the complex network of interdependent factors.

Although we still believe that global warming and climate change is only part of the natural cycle of the Earth, the result is the same whether it is anthropogenic. There will be mass misery and suffering if we do not act now.

Simply reacting to changing circumstances is not suffice; Should be super-punctual and possess the worst scenario would be our reality. We must quickly implement countermeasures and develop long-term plans to deal with a crisis unprecedented in ferocity and magnitude as the history of man.

Meanwhile, back to the global economic crisis
While bankruptcies in industrial disease, foreclosures and unemployment are very real hardships inflicted on the most affected, we can not afford to drop the ball when it comes to climate change. In fact, the difficulties we are experiencing as a result of corporate greed and the undoubted lack of checks and balances on loans appropriate, seem insignificant compared to the prognosis of many of the best scientists in the world, we should stop paying attention to their the warnings.

Hoping to boost consumption, the government seems almost like throwing money in the national economy with the package and brochure "rescue" people, while many are wondering if it is a giant stake destined to fail. After all, if anyone who spends more than he earns, ending loan creditors are not responsible and logical knuckle down, work hard, pay debts and live within our means?

Surely, when financial problems, anyone in their right mind would not go out and borrow more money and spend just to maintain a lifestyle that has proven disastrous extravagant? Not too many of us are living in a fool's paradise of rampant consumerism and excess personal luxury? Is the situation different countries just because it in a larger size? Did not economic house of cards has to collapse to a point?

Where should the money go taxpayers'?
Perhaps the strategy of borrowing against future work to alleviate the current pain, but it fiscally responsible to the shore-based technologies provide fossil energy industry, where oil reserves are being exhausted and cost environmental pollution of the biosphere the current rate means that our demise?

If we are going to mortgage the future of our children, we should not look at spending money on infrastructure projects that will not cause further damage to the environment and improve the quality of life of our citizens in the future? It seemed the right time to accelerate also the development and introduction of environmentally sustainable technologies and other measures to the maximum long-term benefits for all mankind?

Here are some suggestions of great interest where government subsidies may have long-term benefits:
1 Establishment of solar power plants such as the giant to be operational in California
2 Solar, wind, geothermal hot rock (GHR) and Tidal energy,
3 vehicles hybrid vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell and electric cars and other technologies have not changed,
4 solar hot water systems, photovoltaic cells thin film
5 double glazing and houses and green buildings,
6 water tanks, grey water systems,
Water treatment system for home 7 to re-use again and again water,
8 domestic wind turbines
9 Research on the development of "water from being" device,
10 Making existing buildings and energy efficient homes,
11 Design of the new building for maintenance
11 Best city planning that discourages car use and encouraging the promotion of energy efficiency, public transport, zero-emission.

The injection of capital into these areas undoubtedly create new jobs. Additionally, by providing incentives to existing companies that are currently struggling to survive and urging them to divert productive capacity of the sample described can save countless jobs that could otherwise be missed.

Australia, like many countries with vast deserts and tropical latitudes extending to temperate areas. However, traditionally, the food bowl of the country has become more cold south, the area of agricultural production is affected by the drought and have been so for many years, devastating production. Most north bear now the brunt of the most intense cyclones, floods and natural.

While the large proportion of the population will be dealt with water restrictions, heavy rains filled the basin of north brim with much of this waste stream of water in the ocean. He met with cries of "too expensive", proposed water pipe Dam north, the rivers and lakes to satisfy the needs of the south to the drawing board never passed, but perhaps should be reviewed with an eye to drought try and ensure that the country is able to play its role in feeding a hungry world that grows exponentially each year individually.

Now more than ever, we need leaders with vision and courage, and if seen through a different perspective, the global economic crisis may be a blessing in disguise.

Alan Greenhalgh is a former sergeant in the New Zealand Police and Inspector protection services in Australia, a branch of the Federal Police responsible for providing the response against terrorism and diplomatic and consular protection.

As a former member of N.Z. Police Search and Rescue, Diving, Armed Offenders squads and elite team of Police, Alan also had the task of controlling the elements of local gangs in New Zealand. He has many fascinating anecdotes in his repertoire of police life and is well qualified to write about the human condition. He was the first security manager Parliament House of Western Australia and completed a review of important safety resigned to pursue a career in the private sector. After working for two years as a private investigator who retired to pursue a dream for a long time to write.

Throughout the career of Alan created some internal manuals and warranties as analyst who wrote the publication can cover issues mainly related to safety, but in his spare time he studied the craft of writing and composite bush ballads.

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Benefits of E-learning

Web Development Bangladesh:   Benefits of E-learning
If you're looking to make savings on your staff training budget, you should consider e-learning. Design and development costs of an electronic system is quite minor compared to the cost of staff travel and accommodation to submit training center.

But the savings will not only benefit for e-learning system. The flexibility of the system as e-learning, both for their employees on how to proceed with your background and how you meet the educational needs of your business.

A great advantage of e-learning is no longer confined to an area for training. No matter where you take your business to your employees can access workshops, tutorials and information depending on the quality of your web design. London, Edinburgh, London - even New York, Bangladesh, Sydney and Tokyo - thanks to the World Wide Web, your staff will be able to continue their studies.

For employers, offering e-learning as a flexible way of providing critical personal information. You can quickly update the content and include a variety of multimedia content in their courses. Information provided by e-learning can offer animations, audio clips, video or interactive features that will engage your staff in the material and helps integrate key information .

Also, no such documents in practice based on paper, allows a digital technique allows to update the content. This means that you can update the procedures for health and safety, best practices, sales or admission procedures for employees whenever you want without any fuss or significant additional costs. Update the format is as easy as updating your content too; If you want to add video to your lesson material then you can do as you please.

Finally, enables e-learning you to track the progress of your child in a way that conventional training can not afford. You can establish formal and informal test your entire training course on any kind of material you want, ensuring that students know the theme to your desired standards before they progress to other sections. Information can also be collated evidence, which provides data on both the individual student results and your workforce in general. With this you can control the effectiveness of your e-learning course - and the effectiveness of its staff.

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Web Development and IT Industry in Bangladesh

Website Design Bangladesh  Web Development and  IT Industry in Bangladesh
The IT industry in Bangladesh has experienced many ups and downs in recent years. However, there are some sectors such as web development and hosting registered increased revenue and contributed greatly to the economy of this country. With the advent of the Internet, not surprising that the number of IT companies in Bangladesh, members of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services, 17-326 in 2009 increased competition and the competitive nature of the company IT runs on your country play an important role in Outsourcing has gained popularity in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the use of Internet and software exports have started to become common only after 1996, and since then, the country has gained a leading position in the Asian market. When it comes to web development and domain hosting in Bangladesh, the focus is in Outsourcing and many Western countries are based on the services provided by IT experts Bangladesh. As a recognized and preferred destination for Outsourcing, Bangladesh has earned the attention of some IT companies in Europe and have identified key brand open offices in this country. The main reason why specialists and customers view the services offered by the people in this country are so affordable and high quality. When we talk about web design companies or Bangladeshi software developers, it is important to mention that the reach of these services are not related to the quality of the works. Bangladesh is known to the skilled programmers, designers and developers of classification in Russia for the high number of IT graduates.

Now, Outsourcing has become the recipe for success in a highly competitive market. Focus more companies in their core business and rely on experts to resolve minor issues such as the release of its official website. Not only is it cheaper to rent Outsourcing specialists and pay for the technology itself, but you can also take advantage of years of experience with a company expert in a particular domain to get better results. Therefore not surprising that the companies IT Outsourcing policy adopted in Bangladesh has managed to bring high performance and win them a good reputation in the market available.

The reason that IT services cheap and efficient in Bangladesh is the fact that it is a developing country. Ambition and perseverance of the population, with rates of lower income compared to the western world has given the IT sector to skyrocket in terms of quality, while keeping the difference in price of doing everything, from web development to web hosting and affordable design. If we talk about service design or software development, you can easily find an expert from Bangladesh able to solve your problems in a fraction of the cost. That is why specialists in this country is so sought for, especially for small businesses. In short, Bangladesh owes its economic development on the part of IT sector has brought new opportunities, not only for this country but also the people and organizations that require high quality and shouting affordable hosting, web development or software solutions.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Freelance Work Online - Work from Home Self-employment and Motivation

Web Design Bangladesh: Freelance Work Online - Work from Home Self-employment and Motivation
Freelance Jobs will have more prominence than traditional jobs at an increasing rate. Those who are motivated by the desire to work independently often find freelance online a convenient way to get their own.

Skills widely sought after in the market include freelance computer programming, photography and image retouching, web design, graphic arts, computer programming, writing and editing. The top paying jobs is freelance writing and editing. After writing, the freelance field of paying over the web and graphic design.

If self-employment is the goal, freelancing is one of the most cost-effective and immediate way to get started. Freelance work can be found in the press, by word of mouth, past employers and the media; agencies and online job market website style is more recent contribution of the Internet to this growing field.

A lot of new resources that appear as freelance websites in search of work as,, and; provide the company with connections to the competitive grouping of contractors to submit tenders or requests in response to job postings on the site. This allows contractors to choose their freelancers based talent company, the application and supply rather than geographic location.

Some of the jobs have fixed prices, while others are charged hourly job as a project progresses. Fully online nature of most work freelance, talented and eager amateurs alike can be recruited anywhere in the world. Freelance with more experience and knowledge in their chosen trade usually charge more for their services and have a portfolio available for potential customers to navigate, either on your own web site or profile for your agency.

Most professionals start their freelance career working for an agency or any other business, establishing credibility, portfolio and contacts throughout the paper in your chosen market. The same work is done independent free time contractor, which allows you to work at home as a place of work while building a customer base, and gain valuable experience.

Companies using freelancers reap multiple benefits. The expertise required for a particular project can be won only by the time the work has no obligation to continue ongoing. Savings from not having to provide benefits to self-employed is often one of the factors that motivate companies to consider Outsourcing work. Online freelancers drivers proven useful in many companies.

An advantage in Freelancing Online: saved no time required to travel expenses to travel, you are the boss and you are in control. You have the opportunity to earn more money by working hours or serve more customers. However, there are disadvantages to fully rely on self-employment economy. Location, terms and negotiation of the project applied the responsibility of the freelancer, and there is no guarantee the adequate amount of work available. The convenience of working from home can lead to satisfaction and a decline in production, and customers can stop working at any time. Should take steps to have the least downtime between jobs as possible, and have enough contracts continue moving through the application process and help prevent gaps in production.

More importantly, the fact is the number of independent workers online are many, but the number of successful online freelancers very little. To be a successful freelancer online you need to have a skill or set of skills that are in demand. Freelancers need to find a way to attract customers. This is the most efficient for someone new to freelancing challenges. Freelancers must also have good interaction skills, be self-motivated and committed to providing quality service.

It is important to know the challenges freelancing or starting your own business may increase before you start freelancing. Learn how having some success online freelancers are made​​. At the same time, you should also know the most common reasons for failure freelance online. You can communicate with other freelancers on track for years, reading magazine articles, forum posts, and stories of success. If you start freelancing online without taking skills without knowing the facts of the online freelance freelance business can add another fail on your list. Do your research, be prepared to work hard, be persistent and energetic. Qualities that make a good employee make a successful freelancer.

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Virtual Work: New ways to Earn Money Online

Web Design Bangladesh:  Virtual Work:  New ways to Earn money online
Internet has become the place to explore our thoughts and ideas, become familiar with the unfamiliar fabric and make money staying at home. Online business has demolished the boundaries and regional restrictions. The Internet offers many ways to earn money online. Almost every business is connected to the Internet. Today, business success will not be possible without the participation online. Some companies are completely based on the Internet, for example, Amazon, eBay, Google and Yahoo, which makes billions of dollars every year. In addition, he is also getting the chance to discover new sources of revenue that can help you do your bit more productive and comfortable life.

Internet shows different ways to earn money online for those who are looking for varieties of virtual desktops. Many people, especially in the Philippines, Kenya, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to earn money online making varieties of virtual desktops.

"How to earn money online" is the question that must be addressed to wash the confusion of many people. Here's some work you can say or ways to earn money online.


Many writers in the world to earn money online by writing and editing web content, blogs and proofreading. However, because the competition is tough in this field, therefore job seekers need to be fully competent. A formal course can certainly help advance quickly. In addition to formal training, the applicant must prove his / her best to comply with the rules and deadlines set by employers. Elance, vWorker, oDesk and Scriptlance some good places to find these types of jobs online.

Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Virtual offices offer virtual assistant jobs for freelancers. The work, which has to carry out, is to carry out the administrative duties of the office. The number of experiences and the types of jobs to determine pay. In this type of work, wages are paid per hour and number of hours worked per week is determined by the employer.

Web Design Jobs:

As the Internet is growing day by day, each company is designing your own website to attract potential customers. Web design is a kind of job that is offered to those with a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS work. In this work, create and update the database every day (if needed) employee website. Wages are paid by the hour, and the rate varies according to the experience and knowledge of the applicant.

Now "How to earn money online" would not now be a new concept for you. There are many other ways to earn money online. You have to figure things out on your own and choose the best job for yourself to have a bright future. The people working in virtual desktop and make your life easier. Life has changed with the advent of computer technology and the Internet.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tips for Budding Web Designers and Developers

Website Development Company Rajshahi:  Tips for Budding Web Designers and Developers

The first thing you need to know that a professional budding internet is the contradiction between web design and web development. A web designer is the window display of a website. As a web designer your job is to deal with the attention of window shoppers, ie, people who surf the net.

Instead his work as a web developer is behind the scenes. You are in front of the smooth opening of the site in different browsers. Web developer ensures that run smoothly on all website deals in the shortest period of time.

Of course the role model for assigning a person with the same characteristics of a web designer and web developer. A lot of free software available on the Internet today. Many people learned simple web design and development using templates and libraries of images. A cool tip for budding artists of cyberspace is that a deeper understanding of web design and web development software knowledge needed to succeed. It is necessary for you to get professional training.

In the role of a web designer should have a foster home that maintains the interest of your visitors are created. It may only be incidental to your web development has become effective. The image should immediately download and should be readable text percievable sources. It can only be accidental if it was crafty and not cluttered with too much information your website takes ages to download. Keep it simple and the visitors will stay and walk around the entire site.

Career test your website is very necessary before putting on the World Wide Web. Several prominent websites give you to test your site in your software that simulates the most popular browsers. It is given to ensure that your web page will be opened in all the genre of screen and all popular search engines. This is where your technical skills as a web developer is tested to the fullest.

The scope of the website must be written by a professional. You may be good at web design or web development, but it is the work of a specialist to write the text. Remember to put the text on a background that makes it easier to read. Purple text on a purple background can get visual, but difficult to read for most people.

In ancient times it takes a huge amount of technical knowledge to succeed in the web design and web development. The modern software will make accidental for you to design and build not necessary to carefully read all the technical language software. However you should strive to learn the source of HTML and CSS as you advance in your chosen profession.

Always remember that you are targeting the whole world. Everyone does not have a fast broadband Internet connection. Some areas of the world are still using dial-up technology to surf the net. Keep these people in mind and create pages opened quickly. It can only be adopted to keep the data on each page under the level of 30 KB. Can see the website design and web development today as a part of show business and its success is dependent on how a manager of virtual events to train yourself to be.

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Difference Between Web Designers And Web Developers - What You Should Know

Website Development Company Bangladesh: Difference Between Web Designers And Web Developers - What You Should Know
If you ever wondered what is the difference between Web designers and Web developers is, here is the answer. It may be a long-winded, but at the end of this article you will have a better understanding of how the process of web design and web development works. If you are reading this because you are just in the process of considering having a website designed or developed, this will help. If you have a basic website you are looking to build, it is likely that only a design consultant is needed and if you have a more complex website built, you may need a company that can either satisfy both or use two separate companies to perform 1) design 2) development. These are things you need to consider before you even look at hiring any designers or developers.

With website design, design consultant usually assemble the appearance of the website, how it looks, color schemes, what goes where and make sure that your website design is pleasing that is obviously a crucial component of the process as if a website visitor comes to your site and do not like the design, they will click away. A site design consultant usually create a basic model of website design before putting your website online and displayed to you in a draft format for approval. An approved once or suggestions are made for you, then you can proceed to complete the design.

Once web design is complete, then "cut" Up in HTML and PHP so that you can place anywhere. This is also done by the website designer. Web Developers come in when it's time to create the most complex parts of the website or when any complex coding is required. In general, an online form can be placed on the website for Project Consultant but if the site requires something like a shopping cart designed a management system custom or other interactive features, a Web Developer will complete this work. Web developers working on complex coding and other parts of the website that fall outside the design side of things.

When choosing a website or web design company development, it is crucial that the company you choose is able to handle both, otherwise he hits have unnecessary charges due to outsourcing and so on, where the most likely designer is put load or an additional benefit on top of the work. Hiring a team that can do both will be a great benefit to you if you choose to start a project of website design and something that would be even more beneficial if the company you choose can make things like optimization Search Engine and other promotional work under.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Graphic Designer, Web Designer Or Web Developer ?

Website Development Company Bangladesh:   Graphic Designer,  Web Designer Or Web Developer ?
The web design industry is highly competitive and often come across individuals from a multitude of backgrounds making a living out in the industry as a freelancer. For those who are looking to get your project started, find someone who promises good results at a great price is what really matters. Or does it?

When choosing a freelancer, you should look closely at your skill set and match it to your web project. To do this, you need to understand the difference between types of self-employed and the results made ​​their skill sets.

In a perfect world, the fee for using an agency will not be as daunting as they are cheap and all the projects you want to use all the skills mentioned during a web presence. Let's look at the different skills and what you can expect to return to Let.

Graphic Designer
Graphic designers produce and communicate messages to customers with high visual impact. Graphic design solutions are required for different products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity.

As expected you will end up with a wonderful sight for all to admire on the website. However, because your site is graphically intensive page may take a while to load. The code used by graphic designers will probably not be accurate and may result in your website by the search engines and Web Site Architecture probably will not allow the future development and growth of the web site was misinterpreted . A graphic designer is suitable for projects of character presentation or marketing, where a product or service to look attractive to sell it to the public is required.

The Web Developer

Web developer is a person or group of people specifically dedicated to developing applications for the World Wide Web, or network applications that run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser is distributed.

A fully functional website that allows easy upgrades for you and will have an emphasis on speed and validation. However, the graphic elements of the website often leave much to be desired and the design standards website and often user satisfaction and commitment to provide it. A web developer is suitable for projects they want to expand the current functionality of the website, for example, you might want to make the website available to customers on mobile phones.

The Web Designer

Web design is a mixture of Graphic Design and Web Development. The design and development of the things that occur in the environment of the Internets information. The goal is to provide the features of high-end consumer and Aesthetic qualities.


A good web designer believes all things from the perspective of the user. They are not experts in web development, but with the ability to build websites with the proper system architecture. Also do not make this stunning high resolution graphics, as they understand the balance between image quality requirements and optimization required to deliver content to their customers quickly. In essence, a web designer is a road and often the best choice for most web design projects.

With all things considered that the type of project you need completed and the customer base to attract your choice should command a freelancer in the end.

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Prefer The Top Web Design company to focus on Web Design and Easy to Use

Website Development Bangladesh:   Prefer The Top Web Design company to focus on Web Design and Easy to Use
What do you think have the best design company to be special and overcome those who can not establish their benchmarks? Many people have preconceived other things that the best design company is different because it is successful by creating visually complex websites designed to provide users with a broad online range of features of high-end. But I know; such stories are very different from what these people thought it. The best design company always focuses on simple and easy to understand website design. Concept for complicated and beyond the capacity of thinking common people, web professionals have all the pain to ensure that the design is simple and effective. Their main job is to simplify the complexity of the web for the average Internet user.

The best web design companies improve visibility online.

It is no wonder there are simple but effective website design, attests best web development company to provide a strong online visibility. Ensuring the best web development companies in the design and programming of the website efficiently support the purpose of search engine optimization. With this unique approach to SEO onset of their online business are sure to fly high. To make matters worse, also provides the best web development company personalized service to make navigation and accessibility issues as well.

The best companies of web design and development fully committed to their strategy.

If a website design will include all aspects required, which helps to better care. Always looking for some website, online visitors are looking for information to help them make an informed decision. The decision will be directly related to the products and services of the company. The specific aspects prefers achieved since the best design company to focus on the specific purpose of the website. Focusing on specific objects also provides ample opportunity to take advantage of a website. In addition, online visitors do not like visit Web sites that include many components distraction, resulting in an unwanted clutter. When designing a website, ensuring the best web development company to keep things as simple as ever. When using images, content, graphics together in a site, rather than use it wisely and do not put them in it. Know of a good web development company the importance of directing the attention of visitors to the site on the right way to do it with a simple website design.

A good web design and development companies understand the value of time.

A web design company and professional development wins the race when it comes to putting your point across quickly and effectively. Without using the complex and indecipherable include website design, as if no one understood its essential purpose. Rather simple website design save much time during speeches sent directly to the target audience. Online visitors have little patience. That's why, intricate design of the web site is only a test of his patience, which is not a good idea. That is certainly not desirable if you want to run a long-term business online in the making. Understand The best web design company that has credibility and development and conducts design delivers world class website with panache.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

10 verdant and Eco-Friendly Tips For Web Design and Online Marketing

Web Design Company Bangladesh:  10 verdant and Eco-Friendly Tips For Web Design and Online Marketing
Since the trends involving almost everything in our lives is moving towards being environmentally friendly and conserving our natural resources, I wondered if we could apply some green lessons to web design. Ask any project manager and they will tell any project web design, programming or application development has a certain amount of resources behind it (unless of course you have an endless amount of funds $). So I thought I could extend some green ideas either towards saving resources, or at least use it more wisely.

Use of energy resources: This is a simple question for any developer involved in the project. Work mostly from home more often and spend less gas.

Use less paper: What is the printer you need more? I do not even have one on my desk.

Local Rental Only Sources: It is obvious to anyone who has tried before - do not use Outsourcing! I can not tell you how to come ask me to fix their construction projects many clients after spent thousands of dollars to several developers in India or China. By use of programmers and developers working locally, you do not have to worry about language problems or repetitive development cycles. Just no pride of ownership of the application code that comes out of the emerging economies - it's facing Let. It's not good, it has a bug, and just does not work. Local developers are standing here behind your code, so you benefit by getting a product that they can be and to be proud of and promote. The use of local resources also stimulates the local economy, of course, represent the very people who are trying to sell or market your business!

Sustainable Resources: In terms of green building, it usually means the implementation of a renewable source of energy such as solar energy to keep your energy. Why not develop the website can also be self-Sustaining? By using the system, CMS or Content, you do not need to continue to hire programmers or developers to preserve and maintain your website. A CMS allows you to update the content of your website at any time, on your own schedule.

Recycling: Unless you hire a developer who started working yesterday, every programmer has a set of code he reuses. Any good ASP.NET or PHP developer and has a good library of applications that worked in the past. Ask your web developer for a discount on an application of recycling; If that program before, there is a good chance that a discount is extended to use per-built applications with simple to customize for use again.

Life cycle Planning: If you build a green home, you have to ensure that it will not fall apart and pollute the environment in 10 years, so plan for the inevitable deconstruction of your home. Why not also developing strategies to marketing your site on the back of a long-term goal? Many customers collect a few bucks $, hire a web designer, and put up a website. And then this. No promotion behind it, not SEO, not marketing. So just sit back and wait, and within two years, there is horribly outdated and obsolete website that no one visits. Working with a team of web design and marketing know how to plan the life cycle of your efforts, you can extend the life and productivity of your marketing plan - even the eventual deconstruction of it (ie re -design).

Innovation in Design: When green building, LEED points for innovative design is applied. Why you should not expect the same from your website designer? So many cheap offshore web developer and cheat now only based on the template or just change the color and the reuse of old websites that sell customers they called a "new" web design layout. This is a case where recycling is not convenient - you should always seek a new, original and unique web design, especially if you are paying for a custom web design. Web developers must constantly trying to innovate design for ease of use and efficiency; You do not want to be stale old designs of others.

Incentives: developers building design Eco-friendly construction now receive a bonus of up to 20% to reach a higher level of certification is required. Why not extend the same incentive for your web design or marketing team? Value-based pay has incredible power to motivate. Give your career a particular SEO bonus rate if they meet and exceed your expectations. Give your web marketer incentive bonus if your site meets and exceeds the value of x $ in sales. When you partner incentives to developers to promote and develop a profitable relationship for both.

Positive Economic Impact: There are two ways to measure the impact of the economy; direct and indirect. Obviously whatever you market on the internet, you want to have a positive direct economic impact on you own wallet. No budget of $ 10,000 for a new massive web application to sell $ 100 sneakers, and then forget to budget for promotion and marketing. In downstream, it will have a negative impact on sales because you can not plan for the cost of eventual commercialization. And what about the indirect impact? Strategies such as viral marketing can link baiting and prize-produced good, although indirect approach using marketing.

Social Impact: In green terms, this amounts to the culture and quality of life; contribute to a positive quality of life for present and future generations. But in the end, it's not exactly what you want to achieve in your web? Want to create an economic and social impact. One of the best ways to generate traffic and sales to your website is to offer something of value to your audience, the better free. To improve their lives in any way, a social buzz has built and start talking about their services and sending your URL to another person. You do not have to think about the social impact only in terms of MySpace and Facebook; A good marketing team can help you to dream bigger and better ways to affect the online social networking to promote your business.

Just in case you're already thinking where I got the green building standards, coming in at Green Construction Guide for Federal specifiers or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System either.

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Offshore Outsourcing - New Concepts In Web Designing & Web Development

Website Design Company Rajshahi:  Offshore Outsourcing - New Concepts In Web Designing & Web Development What is a website?

Basically a web site consists of text and images. The first page of a web site is known as the Home page or Index. Use some web site what is commonly called a Splash Page. May include a splash page welcome message, language or region selection, or disclaimer. Each web page within a web site is an HTML file which has its own URL.

After each web page, which is usually linked together by an integrated navigation menu creates hyperlinks. Faster browsing speeds have caused shorter attention spans and more demanding online visitors and this has resulted in less use of Splash Pages, particularly when it comes to commercial websites.

Convert a website into an income source is a common practice for owners of web sites and developers. There are several methods for creating a business website belong to two broad categories, as defined below.

1 sites based on content

Some websites derive revenue by selling advertising space on the site

2 products or services based sites

Some websites earn money by offering products or services. In the case of e-commerce websites, the products or services can be purchased on the website itself,

What makes a successful web design


It is important to ensure that the content of the page that is clear, crisp and easy for a visitor to have fast access to product information or offers. Can be simple and effective content and may generate additional search rankings increase business


A good topic is a very important factor in web designing. A strikingly attractive theme and make the site and it should be simple and easy to use. Provide a useful template for effective drawings, links and content presentation.


Navigation should not be confusing. All links should be prepared and presented correctly related to the topic. The visitor should find the transparent navigation to access information

In the past, the design of integrated Web services, especially web design and coding part of search engine marketing. But today, the web design service is an all-encompassing service that offers complete web solutions package to its customers. This is because people now have no time and resources to spend on creating a website. Looking for a one stop answer for all your queries.

Today, web design services offer not only design and coding of websites, but also Includes content development, search engine marketing, on page and off page optimization and search engine optimization, link exchange programs, email marketing, newsletter marketing and much more.

Some of the basic services needed for a Web solution:

Web Programming and Web Design and Development

or Usability and Interface Design

or Search Engine Optimization

or Flash animation

or high-end Web Solutions

or Interactive Applications

or online forms and database integration

O Design Solutions

or Logo

or banner ads

or Graphic Design

Graphics and 3D

or animation in 2D and 3D

special effects or

or Maintenance

To maintain the web services you need to outsource to a solution of well established web design and development. There are thousands of companies offering web design and development. Use any search engine (eg Google) and the use of appropriate keywords such as "web design and development solutions", "BPO Services" on the list of the best providers of web design and development.

We hope this information will help you in choosing the best provider of web design and development services. If you're still stuck and need help choosing a web design and development company.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Life-cycle Steps of Web Site Development Process

Website Development Company Bangladesh: The Life-cycle Steps of Web Site Development ProcessCan follow the process of developing the system a number of standard or company specific Framework, methods, modeling tools and languages​​. Software life cycle development normally have some standards which can fulfill the needs of any team's development. Like software, web sites can also be developed with certain methods with some changes and additions to the existing software development process. 's See the steps involved in any development web site Let.

1 Analysis:

Once a customer is started discussing his requirements, the team gets into it, towards the requirement of prior studies. As the website will be part of a system, needs a more complete analysis, how the website or web-based application will help the present system and how the site will help the company. In addition, the analysis should cover all aspects, especially on how the website will be part of the existing system. The first important thing is to find the target audience. After all the present hardware, software, people and data should be considered during the time of the study. For example, if a company XYZ corp is in need of a website to their HR data online, the study team may try to use existing data about the employees of the current database. The analysis should be done in a way that can not be too long or too less informative. Should be able to get the full cost-benefit analysis of the team and as the plan for the project will be an output of learning, must be realistic. To accomplish this, the analyst should consult the designer, developers and testers to reach a realistic plan.

Input: Interviews with clients, emails and supporting documents by the client, Discussion Notes, Online chat, recorded telephone conversations, Model / apps, sites etc,

Output: 1 Work Plan costs involved 2, 3 Studios Team, 4 hardware-software requirements, supporting documents 5 and 6 for approval

2 Specifications of the building:

Has drawn up preliminary specifications by covering up each element of obligation. For example, if the product is a web site then the modules of the site including general layout, site navigation and dynamic parts of the site should be included in the specifications. Larger projects will require further levels of consultation to assess additional business and technical requirements. After review and approval of the preliminary document, a written proposal is prepared, outlining the scope of the project including responsibilities, timeline and costs.

Input: Reports on the assessment team

Output: Complete specifications and requirements of the people representative of the client / customer

3 Design and development:

After developing specifications, work on the web site is scheduled upon receipt of the signed proposal, a deposit, and any written content materials and graphics you wish to include. Here normally the layouts and navigation will be designed as a prototype.

You may be interested only in a functional prototype Some customers. In this case we may have to show them the interactivity of the application or site. But in most cases may be interested in viewing two or three design with all images and navigation of the customer.

May have many suggestions and changes from the client side, and should be frozen all the changes before moving to the next stage. These changes can redisplay via the web so that customers can see.

As needed, be negotiated with customer comments, feedback and approval by e-mail, fax and telephone.

Throughout the design phase will be to develop the team's plans and procedures for quality assurance testing. Need to get client approval of design and project plan.

In parallel the Database team will sit and understand the requirements and develop the database of all data structures will also be prepared and sample data.

Input: Specification of requirements

Output: Site design with templates, Images and prototype

4 Writing Content:

This stage is especially needed for the website. There are professional content developers who can write industry specific and relevant content for the site. Content writers to add their text can use the template design. Should be higher at this stage the grammatical and spelling check.

Input: Designed Templates

Output: Site with formatted content

5 Coding:

Now its programmers turn to add his code without disturbing the design. Unlike traditional design should be aware of the developer's interface and should not disturb the code looks like the site or application. So you should understand the developers design and navigation. If the site is dynamic then you should use the code template. May require the developer to contact the designer, to understand the design. Designer may need to develop some graphic buttons when ever the developer is in need, especially while using some form buttons. If a team of developers is working should use a CVS to control their sources. Coding team should generate necessary testing plans as well as technical documentation. Examples of the use of Java can use Java Doc to develop their documents to understand their code flow. The end-user documentation can also be prepared by the coding team, which can be used as a technical writer who can understand them, writes helps and manuals later.

Input: The site has details of the forms and requirements

Document database functionality on the site, coding: output

6 Test:

Unlike software, web based applications need intensive testing, as the applications will always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations. Some of these tests are to be performed, test integration, stress testing, scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross browser compatibility testing. Both automated testing and manual testing should be done without fail. For example, the need to test fast loading graphics and to calculate their loading time, as it is essential for any website. There are certain testing tools as well as some testing tools online that can help testers to test their applications. For example ASP developers can use the tool to test Web application Microsoft to test the ASP applications, which is a free tool available on the Microsoft site to download.

After doing all the test live test requirements for web applications and web-based sites. After loading the site should have a complete test (Test Link Ex.)

Input: The site, requirements specifications, supporting documents, technical specifications and technical documents

Output: Completed application / site, testing reports, error logs, frequent interaction with developers and designers

7 Promotion:

This section only applies to the website. Required the preparation of meta tags, constant study and submitting the URL to the search engines and directories to promote. There is an article on this site for details on promoting the site, click here to read it. The promotion of the site is usually an ongoing process as the strategies of search engine may change quite often. Submitting a site URLs once in 2 months can be an ideal submission policy. If the client is willing, then paid click and paid submissions can also be made at an extra charge.

Input: Site with content, Client mails mentioning the competitors

Submitting a site with necessary meta tag preparation: Check

8 Maintenance and Updating:

Web sites have been less frequent updations to keep them very fresh. In that case we need to do the study again, and all the other steps of the life cycle is repeated. Error correction can be done during maintenance. Once your website is promoting continuous operation, technical maintenance, content management and updating of activity reports on site visits, staff training and advice is needed on a regular basis will depend on the total complexity of your web site and the needs of your organization.

Check-site reports / Application, content / functions that are updated, re-learning

Output: Updated application, supporting documents to other life cycle stages and equipment.

The above-mentioned steps alone are not strict to web application or website development. Some measures are not appropriate for some tasks. It depends on the cost and time required and needs. Sometimes, if it is a intranet site, then there would be no promotion of the site. But even if you are a small company in the development, if you adopt certain planning along with this web engineering steps in mind, you will surely be reflected in the quality of the results.

See flow chart of "How do we do web development in Macronimous?" [PDF Format]

Macronimous is a specialized international web development agency with a difference. We realize that the agency web development is a term that has recently been misrepresented and try to differentiate ourselves.

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Find the Right Web Designer For Your Web Development Project

website development company Rajshahi:  Find the Right Web Designer For Your Web Development ProjectFinding a web designer is the easy part all you need to do is perform a quick search online and bingo, you are given pages and pages of it in the results of search engines. The hard part is choosing a web designer for your individual project. Every web design project has a specific set of requirements and every web designer has a unique set of skills that may or may not be suitable for your needs. In this article, I will list some of the key factors that will help you find the right web designer and how to determine if you have the skills to carry out their skills in the development of the project.

Research of Web Designer Website and Online Portfolio

Every web designer should have a working website and an online portfolio of their work. If they do not, it can be scratched off the list. Having found a few web designers in your area, or anywhere else for that matter, you should explore each of their website and see samples of their work. Different web designers have different approach to their work and use different technologies. You should read up on their skills and approach to web design, to ensure that they meet your needs. Seeing entire websites and web designers work samples is also important to get a good idea of the style of design and the skills they have. Make sure the websites work correctly. If any of the recent samples of web designers do not work, there's a good chance that, if used, may have the same problem on your website. Look at the design style of your portfolio samples. Most web designers tend to stay in a particular style. If you like the look of their website, and website text sounds attractive, you are a winner. Take the next step and call or send an abstract of the project through.

Talk to your chosen Web Designer

Another important point to determine which web designer is best for you is if you can talk to them. You need to explain his vision for the designer and must be able to respond with ideas and suggestions for your project. If you call your designer and have, for example, the language barrier between you, which can be a problem throughout the development process. Talking to a potential web designer also gives you a good idea if you are going to follow through with them or not. If you call to talk to your chosen web design company and get on the phone with a rude or indifferent individual - in my book, there will be someone who wants to deal with on an ongoing basis. If you are energetic, enthusiastic and communicate well are more likely to have a successful ongoing professional relationship.

Experience and Qualifications

Qualifications and experience are not always important, but they do provide some assurance that the web designer knows what they are doing and have the skills to carry out their projects. It is really up to your discretion whether to use a web designer with no experience, but you never know, you might be a young gun with a ton of talent and waiting for the first project to demonstrate their skills. If you prefer that your web designer to have qualifications or not also depends on you. Qualifications means simply that they had some formal recognition of their skills. My preference would be experience beats qualifications any day. Your web designer can implement a six-month course that earned them a certificate of some kind, but that does not make a great designer. There is so much information online and ways to improve the current design talents, they need someone to teach not matter.

Creative vision

It is very important that you talk to web designers realize your creative vision. To create a website that actually serves a purpose and goals of the business, the designers have to understand the nature of the website and related to your overall vision. Note to web designers have ideas or suggestions when you are talking to them. This is a good indication of whether they understand the project and excited about it.

The Right Technology

Different web projects need a different technology behind them. Not all web designers have all the skills required for certain types of development. For example, you may need a system with full content in the content database and advanced search engine optimization. This is something that not all web designers can offer. Most designers will tell you immediately if you are unable to complete the project, due to technical limitations. It depends on you as a client to inform the designer of all the functionality that anticipates your website to have what they can tell if they can complete it.


The cost of the project on the web is usually the main factor in how people choose their web designer. The scope of your project and what budget you have can limit what the designer can choose. If you have a very small budget, but want to build the next Facebook, any web designer in their right mind will tell you that you can not help. However, it is always good to get some quotes and see that the designer can offer the best package at a reasonable cost. If it is too expensive, it may be because it is a larger company with more overhead, or just very good at what they do. If they are cheap, do a little more research before accepting the offer - might end up a cheap web design is worth more to you in the long run, because you probably do not serve its purpose very well and you will to get it rebuilt. The cost of web design often has an open end ... 'how long is a piece of string?' ... A good web designer should be able to explain why they quote a certain price, and discuss what they can do within your budget - the fact that you received a preliminary budget may be greater than originally planned, talk to your designer about it. Often, there may be features or aspects of the event may have been deleted, or modified, so the project back within budget - If you do not ask, you'll never know.

Big Click Studios we can turn your vision into a functional web development web site that looks good, works perfect and is very well positioned. Our web designers time to understand each project to ensure they take you as a client, you get a return on your investment.

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