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Web Design Tips - The Most From Your Web Designer Getting

Web Design Bangladesh:   Web Design Tips - The Most From Your Web Designer Getting
Talking to the web designers

What should your website look like?
 Obviously, the more blurry, your suggestions will be less useful. A good starting point is to look at other websites with similar themes. With this, you can decide what you want, or through a process of comparison, realize that is not known and therefore are part of what is really important to you. Other interesting avenues of approach is through associative thinking: consider the movies, books, music and art to convey that you think the kind of "feel" you want on the website. Tell your web designer about this: maybe he can get some of that je ne sais quoi! Expand your expectations of your website from just a 'look' - maybe could be a 'feel', or else a 'sound'; You can get your visitors to imagine the smell of the website? If you are selling flowers online, you might want to!
Communication is key. It is an adjunct to the previous point, but do not be afraid to go into detail for your web designer. Even if you disagree with some of his stylistic choices or organization, everything you suggest to talk more of what you want your website to be. Details on how to behave says a lot about your true purpose and what makes it unique, as you tell us the style of a piece of writing something about the broader meaning. There are, of course, a caveat to this advice: if you go beyond that suggests and commands; If you just conversation and not listen: not communicating more, just screaming. You are paying for the time of your web designer and yes, he is your employee yet. But remember you are paying him because he was a professional: He may not be an expert in his field, but he is an expert in online presence. It is precisely the fact that you are an expert in your field, that the website is, and he is an expert in your field, which is the design of the website, which makes it even more important so that means in the case of discussion the site itself.

You need to do your homework!

Manages the content on the internet.

Be read before. "Content is king / all / why it is." Fortunately, this is true. This is why the Internet useful, and why search engines like Google to pay attention to every well-order and original content are being used more-la, and more useful. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to do more work for your website than just write an "About Us" and rely on your exact name Google internet company!

The best web designers write the copy (i.e., words) to go to their website, and they are grammar, sexy, shocking, and all that good stuff. But not even the best professional designer can learn from his years of experience and then translate that to the screen. We have an unparalleled advantage: you really know what you talking about. This means that you should create more content for your website. Why? ^^^^^ - Since "content is king"! If expert Googlers search phrases relevant to your business / charity / cottage industry / photo-album, should achieve success for your website! If they do not, which means that all of his experience in this specific field - all the experience that differentiates it from other website owners on the Internet - will be lost.

This point can not be over emphasize. The more work you put into the website, rather than out. Not paying your web designer to be an expert in his field that pays you a) tell you what I just said; b) to translate the large chunks of information, articles (like this one), custom notes, tips and lots of details on the big (and finding a place!) on the Internet that would make very special and very -tanyag website.

Zen and the art of web design

Less is more, more is less - please, let's look! The cryptic phrase slightly above trying to convey is one of the most complex and difficult to achieve the goal of web design. Should be attractive, but simple A website. To be rich, but navigable. Be thick, but comfortable Features. But in the absence of all, the most important are: (! Keep It Simple, Silly) Kiss I do not want to insult you (or any client), but how to implement the saying, and the fact that a insult was there that probably tells us something about how annoying it is when web designers how evil this. If you have a choice between "attractive / rich / dense" and "Single / waterway / comfortable ', always select the last three. Their web designer should always seek the perfect balance, of course. Hence section it is almost a board led more here, but you can help to remember the following principles of website design when you say what you want: (basically) a website is not a book of extended content is good in the right place (as of this article, if I say so myself), but make sure that you want your visitors to see before imposing them Why do you keep your skills advance billing simple and easy to understand because:.? surf the web are a few options when you get a book to read, you have chosen to read. Thereafter, every page you view is a reward in a sense, a kind of reward for election. As a result, you pay attention - if not, why bother reading the book at all? (Assignment of English literature course excluded here.) Websites are not. The web page of a web site is a choice: Is it where I want to be? I would like to extend it? Usually the answer is "No." If you can convince a visitor otherwise, you are 80% of the way. But before you had to take the book and want to buy - not force them to read it!

Their website is not the psychedelic sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey

Ye Olde Days Bad Web Design has been linked in the 'Zen' up, because it is about being simple, or even silly. Web design has come a long way since the early days of the Internet. Pages 10 colors are largely a thing of the past. Please do not try to resurrect it: to die for a reason. The pictures are great; well chosen and fairly mild colors (for the menu background, etc.) are generally good. Mustard yellow text on a background of autumn leaves mosaic red blood = bad idea. Your web designer should not let convinces him to do it. If you do this on their own initiative, run as fast as possible opposite direction. Look at Google; Amazon; eBay. Yes, the last two with the colors, but three areas of work with white background and black text. Google is the cleanest of all and we all know that the Internet has been kind to them as a result. Messy is fun - for about five minutes. Run.
The black magic of navigation links and navigation tools are usually pretty boring and simple, and as I said earlier, which is usually a good thing. The reason is a bit of a "black magic" is because sometimes, navigation will be improved as more interesting, more fun, and even easier to use simultaneously. Strategy based on CSS sliding tree menu is how simple Pros junction boxes frequently updated: .. This has the advantage of making important structure of your entire site in a striking architectural seen from each page makes it faster to find things and look pleasantly neat and high tech Cons :. If your web designer does not make it right, it could backfire on non-CSS or JavaScript occasional piece of software without navigation. If that happens, your entire site will be inaccessible. it is largely preventable, so make sure your designer tries menu system (and the site) in all possible restrictions on access, such as text -browsers or even mobile devices. You can also try it yourself if you want to be extra safe. When you can not handle the navigation device navigation interface, you must load a simple automatically. The bottom interface based on AJAX This charge is the latest innovation of navigation. This is how to navigate the Google Gmail service. You can usually find an AJAX interface is based on when you click on a link that sends or receives new data from the website, and the only data loads - page remains the same. AJAX is the smaller (and more talented) brother DHTML (Dynamic HTML), you can show and hide elements on the page load time of downloading, immediately. The difference is you do not have to download the AJAX elements. The web code receive new data "in the background". Pros: can make it faster interface (sometimes instant) and avoid having to scroll down after posting a form, for example. Cons: It is unlikely that the data is indexed by search engines, so anything you put in there better not be some nugget of wisdom again Googlers can find in hopes of finding your website! AJAX takes time to develop, more or less proportional to the time it saves the user when it is operational! It is only suitable for some applications. Talk through the possibilities with your web designer to see if the dividends are worth the investment of time, taking into account their particular situation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Concerns?

A quick word that it deserves its own article (and you can get one), but for now, just relax and read everything written above. If you can talk to your web designer and check all the boxes above, you have a website to the search engines and surfers alike will really appreciate.

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