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Why use PNG images in your web design

Web Design Bangladesh:  Why use PNG images in your web design
The image file format PNG is not new to the web. Originally developed in the mid 90s as a solution to the shortcomings of the traditional GIF format image files. However, as early browser applications provide only spotty support for advanced features of PNG, web designers, developers are limited in their use.

A major obstacle in particular PNG affects Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). By far the most popular browser, IE offered particularly poor support for file formats. However, with the release of IE 7 and various JavaScript hack, all this has changed, and PNG are more popular than ever.

But who cares? And besides being a short letter from my favorite video game in 1972, making as large PNG? Here are three reasons why PNGs are the best image format for Polaroid.

It is See-Through! (Alpha Transparency):
Compared to GIF, PNG provides a more fundamental way of transparency. GIF, a certain color (or color) will be able to save as a transparent, letting the colors, either completely opaque or transparent. Does not exist in the medium.

PNGs have a distinct advantage in this area. The PNG file format supports "semi-transparent pixels," which means a PNG can save a soft shadow and floated into any background. Can be used as a watermark in a texture or gradient. You may well also disappeared completely opaque to transparent, revealing the contents of the web page below. has a logo that shows this feature. The design called for a homepage logo with soft shadows on a textured background of architectural drawings that change regularly. Using a GIF or JPG file would be extremely impractical, because every time the picture has changed, you will need a background logo to edit. However, in PNG, was floated on the surface of the image with a shadow faded, so fast, simple and dynamic activities. PNGs do not look like your flexibility pages.

They look great! (Lossless Compression):
Every time a JPEG file is saved and compressed, it loses some of the information from the original file and the image quality is degraded. The GIF file format offers lossless compression (so the file can be saved and re-saved without losing image quality), but it is only compatible with a limited palette of 256 colors, making it useless for color photographs and other complex images.

PNG offers the best of both worlds. Displaying the full color photographic images, such as JPEG, but also supports a color palette managed, such as GIF format. While PNG usually have a larger file size than JPEG for photographic images, with clear advantages: it is lossless compression, ie, the image will not degrade in quality or suffer from "compression artifacting "that affects many JPEG images.

The result is sharper images, brighter than the "pop" in your pages like never before.

They are Auto Optimization! (Gamma correction):
Adjust the brightness and contrast of the images look correct in many types of monitors and the operating system is a common problem faced by the web designer. This problem is mainly related to different monitor settings Gamma.

Gamma is a technique used to distribute evenly throughout the monitor screen luminance. Unfortunately, different operating systems (in particular, the Mac and Windows) use different gamma settings. So the picture for the Macintosh operating system is color-corrected may appear too dark in the Windows operating system and vice versa.

Offers the PNG file format solution to this problem. The image can be saved to a gamma correction function, which allows you to predict the gamma settings of the operating system and automatically adjust the brightness and contrast. By using PNG, designer color corrected image only your personal operating system and let that take care of PNG.

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