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Get more benefits to SEO Reseller program, but without losing customers in the process!

Website Development Company Bangladesh: Get more benefits to SEO Reseller program, but without losing customers in the process!
Most small Internet marketing agencies and medium developed countries (Western countries such as USA, UK, CAN, etc.) will feel the heat when they began to lose customers and revenues plummeted because of the increasing 'SEO company "the developing world, particularly in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. The reason being - whatever the western companies and agencies offering 'SEO companies' matched the world in the development and even given the incredibly low rates.

The SEO firm in developing countries (known only as an SEO company) practiced very aggressive marketing tactics and just flood the labor market in line with the large amount of volume, but with a questionable quality for some.

Average hourly rates:
.: $ 76-US $ 150 per hour

UK: $ 100 to $ 200 per hour

IND: <$ 25 per hour

AUS-NZ $ 100 to $ 200 per hour

Statistics Credit: AYTM Market Research December 2011

The internet marketing agencies in the West have had a big problem in question and considering that the main advantage of SEO companies is their labor costs at the lowest price that can not be matched by the agency in the west and therefore in a situation of perennial disadvantage. Manny small agency has closed or moved to do something else entirely, however some individual consultants and agencies prevailed and slowly began to turn the tables and began to consistently get more benefits than you ever did.

Now you must be thinking, what did they do differently?

The answer is to analyze the situation and adapt just as emerging trends.

They use only the power of many SEO companies on their behalf.

They use their hard earned skills in management and research to develop processes and outsource part of making distant SEO companies.

This meant they could now offer cheaper prices to their customers and even small agencies may accept more work without having to increase spending on getting a larger work force or office space.

Found new advantages are:

1) Small agencies and even individual consultants can now afford to take a job in large quantities, because it does not need to invest in additional hire or local activities.

2) They began to receive higher return (ie income), because they can do the work at much cheaper rates than usual.

3) existing customers located primarily in Western countries relied more on local service provider for an enterprise located in some distant third world countries and now can do the job at about the same rate as far as the company SEO.

4) The doubts raised about the quality of work as well as dim agency ensured compliance processes and quality control.

5) It also led to the SEO companies to start targeting agents to market their services as much economic sense to get a stable supply of jobs and massively use their biggest advantage around its potential instead of exploring for private clients. So in a sense, it became a success scenario for all parties involved.

However, not everything went smoothly as soft as it looked. Some of these agencies, which are not very skillful enough or care, began to lose customers, whether due to poaching directly from their partners Outsourcing or due to lack of adequate quality controls in place .

A good jerk is distributed to the agencies providing services in search engine marketing when Google introduced pandas and penguins algorithm changes. Most agencies do not maintain the high quality standards that have lost most of their clients, which will lose all traffic and sales for their website to be penalized by Google.

Many agencies and consultants that are making huge profits before began to doubt this business model as a whole and blamed the recession on their partners or outrageously Google SEO to achieve changes in the first place.

The solution however is to be considered at some point many agencies still continue to grow and make huge profits using the same proven business model over time.

The points are:

1) They explored for Outsourcing partners around the world, but only gave business people first tested with small projects that ultimately choose the right Outsourcing partner rather than simply choosing the cheapest.

2) Before bulk work them to made ​​them sign the "NDA" and non-disclosure agreements "ANC" (and the agreements do not compete).

3) They made sure that their partners Outsourcing followed their established work procedures and quality control.

4) Rather than rely blindly on their Outsourcing partners for implementation of the scheme is actually working as team leaders and ensured that procedures are followed to the letter to the test and random testing.

5) Those agencies invest their time and shared new research on the latest trends in Outsourcing their partners.

6) It is said that means 'white mark' not only put your logo on the report prepared by the Outsourcing partner, but rather the format and the procedure is also followed.

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