Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to Make Choose a Web Designer

If you want a website for your business or looking to give a facelift to your current site and then you will find literally thousands of companies that claim to be able to help. Decide which one is best, it is almost impossible, but the following tips should help inform your decisions and help you choose the best company for you.

The first issue to consider is what kind of website you want. I broadly categorize the site into one of two groups.

Brochure style website - if you simply want to give a little information about your company, then a brochure web site is all you need. Typically, they consist of a home page and about us, contact information and product pages. There is nothing technically difficult here and you just want a designer capable of taking pictures and generally short-term and give them it in a web page. The more information you can give them, the easier. Unless you have a big budget, I recommend finding a local small business that you can sit down and discuss your needs.

In terms of price I would expect it to cost something in the region of £ 400 to £ 600 - it should include everything you need and free updates for at least a couple of months.

The second type of website is one that involves the dynamic content. As a web designer and programmer I've met many customers who require more frequent websites, not having a website designed for the years to suit the characteristics of the area of the brochure described it, but decided that their presence online is worth it but want to offer something more advanced.

As an example, several years ago I had a meeting with a small company that had an account with Parcelforce. This account allows you to offer its services to the general public parcel at a lower rate than if you went direct to Parcelforce. Previously have a very basic website where you can just email collection and delivery address and then put the visitors to reserve your name and then email it back to your reservation number. It is a good idea, but it is very slow and when it fills again had to spend every minute of every night rewrite their customers details Parcelforce website before the deadline of midnight.

After our meeting it was clear that I needed a website where customers can enter their requirements into the ground, they will be stored in a database and then be transferred with the click of information Parcelforce directly to the system without anything being re-written. I was able to do it for him with relative ease and your business is now very strong and doing very well.

The point of the story is that he was lucky to come to me and not a conventional web designer. A designer is a person arty and familiar with the use of Adobe Photoshop, but is not likely to be able to cope with programming and creating dynamic web sites themselves. If my client is satisfied with the designer then one of two things would have happened. Or so the designer let someone they have a close relation who is a specialized online or in most cases, the designer will have to find a programmer. Usually the designer publishes his schedule requirements on a site where programmers around the world can post their requests. The designer will select the cheapest offer and your work is done within one or two weeks. This system works well sometimes, but often the customer requirements are diluted or lost in translation, the result will not only do the job and the designer adds a considerable profit. All changes required to present and perhaps the future will require an extra charge.

Conversely if he approached a man who was able to do the programming on their own, then you will find that it has the developers directly means exactly what you want done. Bring in an arty designer relationship, then it means that your site looks like, but you should always remember that a good website with useless functionality will not succeed, while easy to use well-developed website and can undergo cosmetic surgery forever in the future.

In short, if you're looking for a website with some dynamic elements then be sure to discuss any potential web design company if they implement their own programmers or if the work is Outsourced. If you can not find a design company with a programmer's house and then do a search on Google for "php developer" in your area and make an appointment. You may be surprised at what they say.

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