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Website Design Best in Joomla Why?

Web Development Bangladesh: Website Design Best in Joomla Why? Definition of Joomla:
'Joomla' comes from the Swahili word "jumla". Media 'jumla' all together '. It is a system of open source content (CMS) software and famous in the world of web development code. It is built on technologies like PHP / MySQL and includes features like banners, polls, RSS, the login module, Printable Pages. Developing a website is very easy to use Joomla.

Benefits of Joomla:
Joomla is one of the best CMS (Content Management System). It is free software and open source cost powerful. Anyone can download a free and easy way to install to build a dynamic website (static website easier). No programming skills are necessary requirements. Most download-able extension of Joomla for free and some of them are commercial. The Extension Directory now includes over 5,000 extensions. A Web Design Company Choosing the Joomla software to build a site like Base. Can easily customize the template designer. Joomla web designers using text, image, video, link, background, theme, and page logo, any of the elements on a web page should be attractive. A designer can create a website from PSD to HTML / XHTML and valid CSS / XHTML Joomla website. You can download any of the articles in PDF format.

features Joomla-

1 system of full content.

2.Easy to change the template and supports multiple templates.

3 Support for multiple languages​​.

4 Integrating search module.

5 Easy management of users.

6 common management of contact.

7 Easy menu management.

8 Management Pool.

9 Outstanding Gallery Management.

All formats of video 10 Management.

11 News Management.

12 Having SEO (search engine optimization) system / SEO friendly.

13 And more.

Many websites in the world using Joomla web development. Now-a-days many website design company to design a Joomla site in Bangladesh. Syntech is one of the leading web design company.

Examples of web sites are as follows:
1 Personal Website
2 The website for the school.
3 portal of the government.
4 eCommerce site.
5 corporate website.
6 social networking sites / community design.

Syntech Solution Ltd. is an affordable Outsourcing, offshore web design company offers custom website design Joomla Joomla CMS.

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