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Web Design and Development -A Step By Step Guide to Start a Freelance Career

Website Design Bangladesh:   Web Design and Development -A Step By Step Guide to Start a Freelance Career
Freelance website design is a very promising field for web designers. Great strength of will, strong management tactics, the highest level of dedication to the work, must take the attitude, ambitious efficiency and last but not least, professional or technical in its own region. To establish yourself as a professional freelance designers and developers of Web sites should follow the steps below.

Make a plan before going abroad:

The first step in working independently in any field is to do the research necessary investment requirements, etc. It is better to do the study and research on various aspects. Here's a quick checklist of the investment that is needed for a career in freelance design and development of business websites shown. Be sure to follow all of them.

Services 1) Domain Hosting
2) Marketing and advertising
3) Some software tools
4) living space, high speed internet and desktop / laptop
5) other requirements

Make a clear plan on how to launch independent business, discover the needs and investment are to be undertaken, to plan the launch of your portfolio website, and marketing planning and tactical ads. Sure, have a proper plan and clear before anything else. A clear and good plan will lead to great success.

Plan a portfolio / showcase website:

As a freelancer you should have your own portfolio showcase. Having an online portfolio will help its valued customers analyze their previous work, professional experience, terms and conditions, style of work, etc., and please do not underestimate the power of the purse, which is the first from the where you can catch / attract a new customer or losing one. Many freelancers are only formally with your own portfolio. So be beautiful and professional, while designing your own portfolio website.

Blueprint for Deal and Discount:

It will be worth your charts showing the prices for various services, including offers, discounts can be made to customers. Various offers and discounts will certainly prove a great resource to attract more traffic and customers to you. Also, you can change your offer time-to-time.

Clearly indicate the Terms and Conditions and other legal documents:

You will work on its own terms and conditions, so do not forget or feel shy to talk about it. Working with the clear statement would be very good for you and your customers. Also, having the legality of the act would be very good for you and to accept also show your professionalism. Please, contracts clean and tidy, duly signed by both parties, you and your client, ie.

Decide on a minimal service charge:

Before citing any project, check out the smaller loads to provide their services. Do not over or underestimate the service charge. You know your own capabilities and the degree to which work best. Therefore, make the assessment of your skills and decide a minimum service charge before going to an agreement.

Ad and marketing plan:

One of the most important step in any business is advertising and marketing. Make plans to advertise and market two versions online and offline to attract the target audience. Offline marketing can include ads in newspapers, television commercial; mouth advertising, etc., but the online marketing tends to attract a local audience. The online marketing of your portfolio web site links to several sites and social networking web advertising, web site link building, social bookmarking websites, websites exchange links, news and web sites, press releases, e-mail marketing, publishing articles, writing blogs, etc. grab the internet traffic as possible. Use all of these aspects and trends of internet marketing and do not bother to go through the ads offline too. Expand your network as possible. This will help you get more and more customers.

Keep Revisiting and Updating Your Skills

Finally, never any obsolete technology. Being with the latest trends in the industry and follow the latest technologies in demand. Keep learning new trends and technologies in the industry.


We hope this article clarifies most developers rookie web designers planned to make a jump in business on their own. Freelancing web design is an exciting and challenging career, although it requires a mix of skills in design, development and management. Management of the three mixtures and go to a bright and successful independent business.

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