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The difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer

Website Development Bangladesh:  The difference between a Web Designer and Web Developer
Web designers are often considered one and the same, but often this is not really the case! A web designer may have some of the skills of a web developer and vice versa and freelancers often check all the boxes for all categories within the agency but there is usually a place that entitled people should focus on.

Web Designers 

In industry, there is a possibility to have a creative engine for a new web project. His skills are in graphic design. They are often expected to have knowledge about the availability, color and design theory and any other skills to contribute to the creative elements of the production of a website.

They often have little knowledge of technologies such as HTML and CSS, basic technology used to make the front (what the user sees) of the website. They may even have some knowledge of JavaScript or Flash to create dynamic websites or animated.

The technical side of web design coding these days are often left with a front end web developer.

Front-end Web Developer 

Front-end web developers are often expected to have a bit of creativity and knowledge of user-centered design, but apart from that has extensive knowledge in HTML and CSS, as well as technology Script client side javascript , jQuery and AJAX.

Front end web developer is expected to also have knowledge about the availability and requirements of the web site search engine.

Its overall role is often to take the designers design and make it a "front-end web 'that looks exactly the same in all browsers, which are often the most consuming part of the development web front end time.

Database Developer application developer Web Developer / / Back end 

These are usually what we mean by 'web developer with knowledge and experience to create complex applications from the principle that the power of the web and decide what information is sent by users to see the

There is a large variety of programming technologies used in developing PHP web site becomes more popular and ASP.NET.

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