Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Businesses Exceptional Customer Service Is the Name of the Game For Web Design and Development

If you as the owner of a small business has a website and you have to deal with regular web hosting, web development company or a provider of website design, you may have experienced more stellar customer service. During the last week, I participated in 5 Detailed lengthy conversations about poor customer service delivered by web developers and hosting companies web site. All conversations shared exactly the same complaints and what is even more interesting, in the same order.

Complaint # 1: Lack of communication

Communication remains an even greater challenge when technology goes into this process. The store emails missed or ignored while growing customer dissatisfaction. With the competition with more powerful business, small business companies who want to grow can not ignore this problem.

Complaint # 2: Poor response rates

Constitute a timely response to customer loyalty should be the ultimate goal of all small business web design or web hosting provider. With a click of the mouse, the old adage of customer satisfaction is everything really changed.

Complaint # 3: The abdication of any responsibility or "not my job, man!"

With shrinking budgets and the belief system of the 20th century that the money spent on employee costs and a loss on the bottom line instead of an investment and an increase in the bottom line, many employees are not skill sets accept responsibility and help their clients achieve satisfaction. Many involved in the website using independent contractors interns. Ensure that employees have the skill set to respond promptly to customer inquiry service is the way to increase business.

Complaint # 4: Lack of understanding about customer needs

This complaint is due to the higher levels of management in the strategic plan (who does what and when), including clearly articulated core values ​​have not been developed or communicated. (See number one complaint.) Within this plan, the customer needs must be clearly identified in the sales and marketing strategies are aligned. Employees should develop beyond basic training and development have the interpersonal skills to work effectively to customer needs.

Complaint # 5 - I was promised the "moon" and all I got was the "pits".

With reference parent node of the new sales, companies lose great opportunity to build references when making false promises. Studies that say they can result in reduced short-term sales, but eventually you will create sales through referrals.

If you are an ISP, such as a web site host or developer and want to quickly double its business, probably the fastest way is to ensure that the directions of the five complaints. The direction to take such action, is the lone star shining in your niche and quickly spread the word of their excellent customer service.

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