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Difference Between Web Designers And Web Developers - What You Should Know

Website Development Company Bangladesh: Difference Between Web Designers And Web Developers - What You Should Know
If you ever wondered what is the difference between Web designers and Web developers is, here is the answer. It may be a long-winded, but at the end of this article you will have a better understanding of how the process of web design and web development works. If you are reading this because you are just in the process of considering having a website designed or developed, this will help. If you have a basic website you are looking to build, it is likely that only a design consultant is needed and if you have a more complex website built, you may need a company that can either satisfy both or use two separate companies to perform 1) design 2) development. These are things you need to consider before you even look at hiring any designers or developers.

With website design, design consultant usually assemble the appearance of the website, how it looks, color schemes, what goes where and make sure that your website design is pleasing that is obviously a crucial component of the process as if a website visitor comes to your site and do not like the design, they will click away. A site design consultant usually create a basic model of website design before putting your website online and displayed to you in a draft format for approval. An approved once or suggestions are made for you, then you can proceed to complete the design.

Once web design is complete, then "cut" Up in HTML and PHP so that you can place anywhere. This is also done by the website designer. Web Developers come in when it's time to create the most complex parts of the website or when any complex coding is required. In general, an online form can be placed on the website for Project Consultant but if the site requires something like a shopping cart designed a management system custom or other interactive features, a Web Developer will complete this work. Web developers working on complex coding and other parts of the website that fall outside the design side of things.

When choosing a website or web design company development, it is crucial that the company you choose is able to handle both, otherwise he hits have unnecessary charges due to outsourcing and so on, where the most likely designer is put load or an additional benefit on top of the work. Hiring a team that can do both will be a great benefit to you if you choose to start a project of website design and something that would be even more beneficial if the company you choose can make things like optimization Search Engine and other promotional work under.

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