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The Right Way of Web Design and Development

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There is a wealth of information about a company's Web Design and Development will be responsible for a project once awarded, but I thought it would be a good idea to write a brief overview of the entire process from an organizational perspective .

1. Identify your goals

While every organization handles it differently, it is important to identify your Marketing, Content and Technical Requirements for any new design and web development projects. Probably involved here is taking a number of people in your organization together in a room for various meetings of internal discovery and development of a list of needs and requirements. They can incorporate their brand in general and the purpose of sending messages, ideas from competitors or even unrelated businesses that want to include, and technical specifications of the infrastructure.

2. Find a Qualified Web Design and Development Company

Again, holding it differently depending on their current situation. Many organizations issue a Request for Web Design and Development for Proposals, or if you have a small list of the seller who wants to work, a request is sent to the business and have phone calls and meetings about their needs. Regardless of whether a formal, public RFP, it is a good idea to write down your requirements and goals in a clear format that any provider can understand the output.

Most likely to get a number of proposals with different solutions and budget range. If you do not have an in-house "expert" on all things technical, you might consider a consultant to help you make a decision. Many times, however, so that the first 3-4 companies for interviews you will quickly discover that you have the best chemistry with and who is more passionate about the work that needed to be done .

3. Discovery Web Development Company

As did the discovery process within your organization, now is the time to give a web design company all the information they need to perform their jobs. Although his request was detailed in the proposal, be sure to leave no stone unturned. There are a million ways to interpret some aspects and easy to take off the details of the softest things are going to be part of the project development.

4. Design. Files and Development

Then feel both parties have all the information they need to continue the project, the company will begin both graphic and technical design of the Web site. Many times you work with them in developing content for the site as well, but sometimes writing posts and content produced at home.

For the interface and graphic design, expect to see a number of 'comps' or the initial concept to the home page and perhaps some other pages. This will help reduce the overall appearance of the finished product and you will pass through a number of changes to make things perfect.

As for the technical aspects of the web site and the system, expect to see a specification document describing any functional work flow or the database has to happen in the mapping. If you have internal systems or third party applications that need to tie into the new website, we hope to see a more detailed explanation of how to fit the system.

There are times when you need to make some preliminary usability test with the design. Although the website does not work or even be built at this point, to get some insight into the approach to build, many organizations do some basic testing with a simple screen capture. It can be very useful if you are developing a complex application with many possible solutions.

You should expect to sign before proceeding to the next stage of this process.

5. website Development

After the design and content development is complete, the Web Design and Development Company has everything you need to create and develop websites. You should expect regular updates on their progress and depending on the length and complexity of the system, will be launching a series of test, often called "alpha" and "beta" or something like that. These versions are not finished products, but give you this, the customer the opportunity to see the work in progress. It is also an invaluable tool for you to see that everything is going well and according to their original requirements.

6. Testing (Usability and Quality Assurance)

After a "beta" release of the site, should be fully operational, but is not yet available to the public. At this time you can do some usability testing to get some final information, despite the great changes and development work is behind you at this time. You are looking for the most minor problems and adjustments or graphics contained on this point.

7.  Final revision

The final changes to be made after the test is completed and the website files prepared for public release. It is likely that other marketing initiatives programmed to coincide with the launch of the new website is ready to go at this point. All you need to do is say the word "go" and this long but rewarding process complete.

8. Released

With everything ready, Web Design and Development Company, working in conjunction with your IT or web infrastructure will move the correct files, databases, third party applications, and all that is needed to implement public places web in the right place and their new website is now available to the public. Congratulations! Your effort has paid off.

9. Tracking

It seems simple enough, but the track after the game or meeting with your provider is a necessary step in this process. Find out what went wrong during this process and what to be improved for next time. You probably will not do again a great release for several years, but it is most likely to be minor releases and the more you can work together to share information and learn about what works well and what is not the best process is going in the future.

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