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When Hiring A Web Designer What You Should Be Looking For

Website Design Bangladesh:   When Hiring A Web Designer What You Should Be Looking For
Have happened to you?

A friend or business colleague refers you to someone who is just designed their new or revised web site. You said what a wonderful job the designers did and how pleased everyone was with the appearance of the site. Knowing what to do about the referring party, call the design studio and shortly after award your project.

Way too often it is a big mistake. Have made just last week I hear again how the decision to go to a referral is going to result in terrible consequences. The site, which is to sell specialty dog products will be months late and could not quite ready for prime time the selling Holidays. Purchased inventory is causing the delay introduced to burn a whole in the pocket of the owner of the site.


If there is one truism about web design and production, it is that, like all businesses, all of these web sites are not the same. Web development, design and production is multidisciplinary. Some agencies are great at marketing but fall short in creating useful interface. Some designers studio render wonderful interface but less efficiency in the development of the required server-side programming. Beware when you hear the words "Web Designer" as means different things to different people.

Require multiple web site wide back end integration with your back office operations compared to others which are simply brochureware web site. All of the designers and developers do not have the same skills and experience and can unwittingly choose one who is capable to deliver your site on time and on budget.

Web sites that miss their launch date, as referred to above, mean lost economic opportunity for the owners of the site.

FIVE THINGS WHEN To view Taking a design studio

1 Note that the design studio have core competencies and outsource the necessary skills beyond their knowledge base. That can have a down side of free lancers may not be available in the studio and their commitment to the project may not be as sharp as the studio itself.

2 You can not tell what made the studio for a web project just by looking at the web site.

Most studio show their work but often does not become apparent as exactly what they did. When reviewing the portfolio to make sure you know exactly what studio produced itself and what the work is subbed out or done by others.

3 Ask what Content Management System (CMS) is available for your site. This will be an open source solution (such as WordPress or Drupal, for example) or something that has been done to customize or ownership for your use. What kind of CMS training will be provided so that you know how to manage and develop the site after it is launched?

4 Ask about test design optimization to be used for your project. What browsers, screen resolutions and trial size of the viewport is done to ensure design integrity? What legacy browsers tested? What about handheld devices and the possible need for a mobile site?

Find out if your designer is in compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards that become the main stream approach to web design and help bullet proof your site against the technology in the future.

5 Really Get references and check them out with your vetting process. Ideally, talk to a business owner who's project is similar to yours. It is an ideal way to learn how did the studio work and what happened bottlenecks so that you can be prepared if you choose the studio that.

DO THE RIGHT ITEMS BEFORE YOU hire a design studio

Before ever you approach anyone to work on your project requirements developed for your site on paper much like you do a business plan. Fix all the needs of your site to a Request For Proposal (RFP) document. The better you can articulate what the ship is more likely you will be successful in finding the right studio,

Use your RFP to set up a competitive bidding process among a small number of studios that you have pre-selected. Yes, you can use the referral you gave your friend but they have to submit their bids, among others, so you have to compare proposals. The RFP will be bringing all the advantages for you include getting the studio might otherwise pass on to quote your project interested in what you're doing.

Make your search would you do in a design contest. Make sure no one has an unfair advantage to another studio. And NOT reveal what your budget is or what you want to pay. That puts the single largest ever hurt a process which should end up with a lot of satisfied people if conducted fairly.

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