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Web Design - Web Design 7 mistakes you should avoid

Web Design Bangladesh:  Web Design - Web Design 7 mistakes you should avoid
There are a number of web design mistakes that can derail a perfect site. Most of these errors are easy to avoid ... if you know what to consider. Here's a quick list of the top mistakes in web design to avoid.

1 Avoid busy patterns of the original

The fund working very distracting to the eye and also smack of the early days of the Internet. Anything that stands in the busy background will be lost ... especially if it is text. Remain in solid colors, smooth gradients, or subtly patterned background. This will give your designs just enough interest without being severe.

2 Avoid inconsistent text formats

Sometimes, in an attempt to make a more flashy website, some web design novices used by many different sources in the design. Unfortunately the way it works just like website amatuerish.

Do not use a variety of more than one or two fonts for your entire website, one for body text and another for headlines. Be consistent with the size of the font as well. Do not go smaller than 11 points for body text, especially if your website attracts an older audience. Ideal for body text size is between 12 and 14 points. Headings and subheadings Size 2-4 points more than the body text. So 12 points for body copy, found subheaders 14-16 points and 18-20 points for the basic heading.

Also, remain sources "web-safe" as Arial, Courier, Georgia, Impact, Tahoma, Trebuchet, Helvetica, Verdana, Times New Roman and Palatino. This source is universal in most computers and operating systems. For a visitor to see its source website, which must be installed on your computer. By keeping the web compatible fonts, you will ensure that the text look the same at all.

3 Avoid unpleasant color combinations

The colors you choose for your website is essential. Remember that colors can affect people psychologically people, so you should choose your palette with that in mind. Note that the appearance of color on the computer screen is very different from its appearance in print. Avoid large areas of bright colors such as red, yellow, orange and bright pink, because it is often hard on the eyes.

Think about the basics of color theory when choosing your color palette. Write the word "color wheel" into Google and check the basics. Look at other websites that you like and see what kind of colors they use.
A common color scheme web white text on a black background. Although the scheme has the effect of making things that seem to "pop" from the page, it is hard to read also. The outline of the text more readable in black or dark gray text on white. You should also avoid very light gray text using white. While this is the latest in web design a few years ago, low contrast text can be hard to read. If we continue with the traditional black white color scheme will make your text readable for everyone.

5 Avoid confusing navigation

Make sure your site navigation is clear and easy to follow. Many novice designers make the mistake of trying to Cram too many links in the navigation. Too many choices confuse your visitors, and will often choose to leave rather than understanding where to click. Keep your navigation simple. Do not take more than 5-7 categories on your main browser. Use the second pull-down menu navigation and sidebars on the page to go to your site.

You should also avoid the fancy animated navigation that makes people hang over their menus to see where they can go. Furthermore, there is a dropdown menu, be sure to click through properly. There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to click through a menu.

6 Avoid crowded or cluttered design

The best designs are simple and clean. Resist the temptation to Cram everything on your page. Do not be afraid to make guests lose some if not all appear on one page. Again, giving people too many choices can confuse the visual and going out instead of scrolling through a crowded site. Include lots of white space in your design. Environment between the visual elements of breath enables the eye to be able to focus on individual elements easier.

7 Avoid Flash website

Flash websites can be very noticeable, but unless you are in the entertainment industry, that may not be very effective for a variety of reasons. One of the sites on the web, Flash can be slow to load, especially if the visitor is not using a fast internet connection. Internet users have a relatively short duration of care. If your web site does not load in 8 seconds or less, they are gone. Also, flash websites are not great for search engines because there is no content for search engines to crawl through.

But the biggest reason why you should avoid flash websites is that they are distracting for visitors. Look of the largest e-commerce site and realized that almost none of them flash website. Why? Because customers do not buy distracted. If you are using your website to promote or sell a business, you want the smallest possible number of distrations between content and visitors. So stay with plain vanilla HTML site.

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