Monday, August 18, 2014

Golden rules to follow for Web design will make your website Search Engine Friendly

Web Design Company Rajshahi:  Golden rules to follow for Web design will make your website Search Engine Friendly

Before becoming a topic of discussion or question craze visitors, a site should be able to get visitors. The issue of attracting and retaining customers later. Or in other words, I mean, now, the success of a "well designed website" is not decided by its visual appeal, but more importantly, his sympathy for the major search engines.

So to help you get your website well designed popular in your targeted visitors, here are some tips for more effective SEO friendly website design given web designers need to pay special attention to web designing process at an early stage.

Keep the content of your web pages are keyword rich and high quality. Guests are based on the results of the search engine and the desired first ten results. Therefore, including more frequent and specific in your content so that you can become a favorite not only of engine keyword search, but also the guests.
Left side of the web page should be kept free menu. In case this is not possible, then you can put some keyword rich text at the top or at the top of the left menu in the search engines to know what the first thing to index.
Holders have higher weight and get rates more important than other parts of the website by the search engines. To take advantage of this fact, you should have your keyword rich head but remember, Compressing unnecessary keywords can not be good for the website.
Keep a wonderful rich descriptions and keywords and title of each page. However, there should be no more than 30 characters in the title and description of 200 characters. You can win in the search engines by installing their standard indexing in the most appropriate manner.
Caution when using graphics. Use graphics that are relevant to the content placed on your site, ie, keep them relevant and do not forget to use alt tags with relevant keywords so that search engines can get them as the system of the search engines can not read graphics. This will help your visitors to try to chart and relevance before it loads.
Avoid using Flash on your site unless and until it is exceptionally necessary. You should know that to date, the flash away from the search engine bots can not read. It also increases the load time of the page to make your visitors to move to some other website. If desired, then keep the flash as little as possible, like a flash header.
Try to use text links to link to pages on your website rather than images. The image may look attractive, but it is more effective to use text links as they are better read by search engines.
I do not believe in the use of frames for your web site to limit the frame of the search engines to read and index the pages.
Always use standard HTML to maintain the optimal size of the page. Software like FrontPage and Dreamweaver or a WYSIWYG editor tends to add unwanted make it difficult for search engine spiders to crawl and index the code page of the script.
Do not use complex while designing their page tables. Keep it as simple as possible to attract spiders to your page. Can hinder a complex navigation bar search engine navigation from one page to another.

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