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Benefits of Web Design

Web Design Rajshahi:  Benefits of Web Design
Before knowing the purpose and process of web design, let us know about the origins of web design. It was proposed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 with the consolidation of the idea of hypertext systems and domain names related to the control protocol, he began to develop a web browser that is a sign of the functions of your previous projects software "ENQUIRE". Finally, the design is completed and calls web browser with names such as the World Wide Web. It was first tested on the platform of the NeXTSTEP operating system running on CERN HTTP Web server and it worked successfully. The world was his tool for finding information in a single world key stroke in 1990.

The first web page was designed by him in 1991 with the main features labeled as a header tag, paragraph tag, and the link label. This page explains about the availability and functionality of the WWW, in the world. The first copy of the web page is correct available online since 1992 W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) HTML announced as common web languages ​​marked and continues to maintain this standard.

With over a decade of time www permeates an atmosphere of earth. Style website design provided updates from text to images, static images to moving images. Move the graphics for animation and grow beyond imagination.

Advantages of Web Design:

1 The globalization of information and resources are the main benefits of Web design, which helps to share information from anywhere to anyone.
2 business promotion is the economic advantages of web design, which helps to advertise their best selling products, so close to its customers. Example: Online Super Market, Online Banking etc.
3, online marketing is the technique that helps to conduct business throughout the day and reach your customers, anywhere in the world.
4 online learning, which helps students get their education anywhere in the world, the use of web design that can even run online universities and institutions about their actual functions . Therefore we can offer an education beyond the limit of the area, age and disability.
5, online counseling for medical, education, business, and instructions for the construction of machinery, etc.

Benefits of SEO Web Design:

Creating a web design and hosting web server, does not mean that every customer is, but it is only half the job done and not yet completed the process of SEO.

Accept what is SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing the design of our website to be compatible with a particular search engine that brings us one of the many competing websites that are optimized for relevant keywords or searched keyword phrases so often by our customers. The search engine plays an important role, each index is search engine websites such as the value of optimized keywords and related or relevant to their present value. This does not mean that if we have more key words found in our website will be indexed on the first search engine. We optimize all aspects of the standard that must be met in the index on the first page of search engine results. Each and every search engine run by algorithms, which are individually unique and dynamic studies to optimize the website.

My suggestion to you, to be indexed in the search engine optimization is to make the page and off the page on your website according to the conditions of the search engine algorithms. The source code of the website should be no errors according to the W3C standards. Error free website will give good impression to search engines. Do not even think about making the process of black hat Bury literally make you a bucket of sand and it was reported as a scam and we are completely banned by the search engines. Try to get a good copy links to other related websites with page rank high and you'll be indexed. Never failed effort. All the best for your first position in the search engines.

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