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The Difference between a Web Developer and Web Designer

Website Development Company Rajshahi: The Difference between a Web Developer and Web Designer
People often get confused when they hear the terms web designer and web developer. The two phrases are used interchangeably, but in reality the two jobs are very different. The purpose of this article is to explain clearly the two people do not subscribe to those services that do not want or need.

Web designers and web developers will be required to produce the same website design project, but each has different functions. People will consider the two most important facets of creating a web site, the visual part of the web page being viewed by users of the Internet and the programming part consists of programming and the hidden code behind website design, so it is necessary to take a detailed discussion of these differences.

Website design generally refers to the practice of designing a web page or web site that includes graphical elements displayed on the page. Website designers the visual aspects of the website including colors, fonts, images and the way the website is set up to ensure that what people find aesthetically pleasing carefully consider. The designs are often developed using programs such as Adobe Photoshop. The designer will set the stage for the appearance of the web page. A web designer will use tools such as Flash animation, CSS and HTML.

An effective website designers need to understand how to effectively use color, how to make the best pages of marketing and what's going to encourage people to view the page optically.

Web development is the process by which the web site is actually developed and built from scratch for the site to work effectively and it really is the end of the web page you do not see people see the web page. However, significant work must be done on this aspect of building a website to show the correct format for site visitors to see. Often web developers involved in the design and coding for the server side of the web page. It will also address the need for the database of a website. Developers must have a good knowledge of ASP, PHP. XHTML, HTML, AJAX, PHP and Perl, for example. Web development also covers database design and development.

When companies are looking for web developers, they look for people with strong programming skills to be able to develop and maintain web sites that work. Some people use the web developer that term when they mean programmer or administrator.

Larger organizations often have web development teams can consist of hundreds of people, so the actual process of development can be a collaborative effort between several departments within an organization, rather than being the focus of a particular department.

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