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Web Design: Two concepts that you need to pay attention

Web Design Bangladesh:   Web Design: Two concepts that you need to pay attention

Some things that stand still for a long time these days, especially when it comes to the Internet. To ensure that your company is able to offer the best possible experience using the best web site, you need to be aware of current and future trends in web design. By far the two most compelling of HTML5 and responsive design.


No doubt you have heard of HTML (hypertext markup language), which in essence is the main component for all web pages. The markup language is composed of several elements, which together require the web browser what to display, how to display and where. Over the years there has been a number of versions of the universal language of web design, with the current personality HTML 4, which first entered use in 1997.

But HTML5 is one well in progress, and in some cases even used. It is a bit far from complete, and will be long before a majority of the browser can interpret it correctly. But many web designers are excited about it, and you should too. At first glance and in simple terms that allow HTML5:

       Include other multimedia files video and your web pages without plug-ins like Flash installed.
       Make your website better viewing and ease of use on mobile devices
       Faster load of
       'Drag and drop' Dale interactive website capabilities

It is worth remembering that HTML5 is a few years from complete, and while the latest browsers offer support for it, users with older browsers may not be able to view the content. But it is definitely something that anyone with a website should keep a close eye on.

responding Design

In recent years there has been a lot of talk of 'responsive design', and for good reason. Response Design really a solution to the problem of Internet users visiting your site with many different screen sizes, resolutions and types of devices (desktop computers, tablet PCs, smart phones, etc. ). Rather than resort to the creation of separate sites for each type of device, responsive design allows you to have a site that adapts depending on factors such as screen resolution or type of device.

For this, the use of "media inquiries", which in effect ask the user about the system itself, and then use the "stylesheet" to display the content in a way that is appropriate. This may prevent display problems like small text or horizontal displacement, and eliminates the technical problems caused by having a separate mobile website.

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