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Choosing SEO-Friendly a Web Designer

Web Design Bangladesh:   Choosing SEO-Friendly a Web Designer

Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is now crucial part ownership of the business website, most web designers are adding SEO to your arsenal of skills.

The concern is that most SEO / self-proclaimed web designers do not fully understand the complete picture of organic SEO. Strategy to effectively optimize a website is changing dramatically. And while anyone can do keyword research and write the meta tags and page copy, many website designers seo miss the mark by a backend of a site.

If you are thinking of getting a design firm alone or full-service web design, it is important that the supplier what he is doing, if it comes to SEO. In essence, considering the SEO-friendly elements of a website is a necessity during the web design process.

In this article, we cover some specific areas that the web designer (or the companies that hire web designers) need to be aware of when building a well optimized website.

Search Friendly CMS

Many web site design their site around a platform or CMS content management system like WordPress or Drupal. Basically includes CMS Software 'plug-in' for SEO that allow users to write custom URLs, page titles and meta descriptions. Although these elements are important for SEO keyword optimized pages, a search friendly CMS goes away with what you can offer an SEO plug-in.

The difference maker in having a SEO-friendly CMS focuses on the coding structure of the website. Some web designers, though creative, use very graphic intensive SEO concepts that can reduce the potential of a site. Others are effective in balancing aesthetics with minimum coding-seekers from friendship.

After some consideration while using a CMS for your website to be optimized:

       Browse the content management systems using CSS (other than Nested tables). This allows search engines to crawl and index the content of your site more efficiently.

       Choose a CMS that allows you to put the internal navigation links and site specific areas, such as footer, or column. Some platforms and web design templates can limit where you can place links, which is great for SEO consideration.

       Get away from the CMS platform that automatically creates a static URL for each page. Always choose a CMS that allows users to enter keywords to optimize dynamic URLs for each page (which is often achievable through a plug-in).

       See if the content management system enables the automatic creation of XML Sitemap. If not, it will ask the web designer, if he is creating and sending manually the XML sitemap.

These points can be considered as potential questions for the team of web design in the future, especially if you want to use a content management system to run your site.

Back-End Structure of Code

The design process of a well optimized site should focus on the structure of the website background code, or HTML. This includes elements of the website visible on the page (for example, the content or the copy of the page) and the elements out of the page (eg, metadata). The way the code organized, in addition to the type of code used, can ultimately affect the performance of SEO.

The two main elements off the page that have the most weight for SEO is the page title and meta description. The page title and meta description should be written as soon as possible in the HTML of each page. This particular title (which refers to a page and always include the reference to SEO keywords) is the most important. A web designer or developer will want to make sure that the search engine spiders hit the title page as one of the first pieces of code where you drag.

Similarly, the contents page of a site should also be submitted as early as possible in the code. The body text is the bread and butter of SEO pages', and if the content is below back end of the page, the spider crawls the last time (this is not the best for SEO). Expert web designers and developers are able to use 'div' tags to display HTML content in the first part, though many navigation links above can be contained, as it is written on the page.

The coding variables may also depend on the content management system you use. For this reason, it is important to have a good understanding of how SEO-friendly CMS is its encoding and the ability of your web designer.

Choose a web design company wisely

If you're looking for a web design company for both design and SEO for your website, do not be shy. That is, do not hesitate to ask potential clients a lot of questions. Some of the places you might want to meet the technical capabilities of providers, such as HTML coding skills, as well as graphic design skills. Ask to see if they have references and examples of web sites that rank well designed and optimized in the past.

In summary, there are a number of companies that promote the website SEO, and yet they can run effective search engine optimization. Just make sure you come prepared to search for a service package duel.

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