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Home Based Web Design Business How to Start

Web Design Bangladesh:   Home Based Web Design Business How to Start
Before starting my own freelance web design business I have 5 years worth of experience in web development. I've been working with both local and state government, and it would not have been fortunate to exposure to some great projects and continuing education.

This knowledge and experience allows me to use my skills directly into my own business. But I have no real experience in the business and it proved to be a pretty steep learning curve!

Before venturing out on your own, you need to ask yourself.

Are you really done for the task? Is it really just a case of finding customers, creating websites and make money? Will I be able to stay financial?

Due to the increasing demand for web development and independent designer in the past year, I found it pretty amazing the number of people who call themselves "web designers" or "developers". Looks like almost everyone who has a little knowledge of HTML, or at least enough to be dangerous, consider themselves a qualified designer. But it certainly does not mean that they have business experience.

Having been self-employed as a freelance web designer for over 9 years, I know very well, leave her full-time job and moving towards self-employment is not for everyone. Although you can put a WordPress blog within an hour, or you play a bit with a bit of HTML using the front page there is still much more to learn.

Regardless of how brilliant he can be on all the technical stuff, running a business involves more than just being able to build a great website. It is running a real business, based on a strategic plan, establishing customer relationships, generating revenue and general - management.

But I have to be able to program and web site design that I can not?

Good to have skills certainly helps, but it is not an absolute necessity. Forget about having to have a university degree or diploma in graphic design or programming. Having knowledge that is ready to have but not all. And this is what makes it so unique to work independently. You can run your own freelance web design business without being a technical genius, and only outsource to external developers, or your team, leaving you to concentrate on the actual business management. While I do not encourage it for absolute beginners in the industry, it is a possibility. However being a developer yourself, for obvious reasons, is a better choice and constitutes a solid foundation for international business.

Now do not be discouraged, I'm sure you can succeed and demand you. Just be aware and realistic in their expectations and implications of what is involved before you quit your day job and start setting up a desk in the back room. I mean, why exactly are you doing this?

For most, it is about freedom and doing something like - web design. And in turn build a successful freelance business. The definition of success however, can vary. For many, it could mean making thousands of dollars a month, and fight for recruitment and have a large office, while others may be satisfied with achieving a few hundred dollars a week and overall satisfaction ahead to become self-employed.

In short, becoming a freelance web designer is not rocket science, but it can be a challenge. Like all businesses, there are elements of risk that can make you feel like you should have kept his day job. But the prize once it is established, is higher than the duldrums daily activities.

So if you're a technical genius, or maybe just a businessman interested in the business mind, or both, will have to think about your current situation and ask yourself. Is it really for me? Is this what you really want to do?

If you are really sure this is what you want to do - then I wish you the best of luck. There should be absolutely nothing stopping you! Go for it!

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