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Lifecycle of Web Development(WDL)

The life cycle of development (BDM) is a specific variant of the general framework for developing any application development project. Unlike application development in general, all projects of web design and development follow a similar structure, so the cycle of life / process development can be created as a reference point for both teams web development and client to check the status of each project to determine and dictate to the following address.
Consists of eight described as the Lifecycle Web Development following identifiable stages:
1. Initial Consultation
The initial consultation is committed to providing business needs of high level, the scope of development, required delivery schedule and the overall viability, web design and cost of the project to understand.
2. Draft Specification
Founded the business needs of the website iterative approach between the client and the web design team, and documented in the form of a specification for high-level requirements. The focus is on policy and related business outlets. The implementation of the system, how to actually delivering the requirements are reserved for later. When agreed, the document is the basis for the later stages of the life cycle of development.
3. Web Site Architecture
Here are the hardware and software requirements are established for the provision of Web applications, as the most appropriate language and development of Web applications, operating system, database management system (DBMS) and hardware / hosting environment, the best suited to support the final site of a stable and reliable; taking into account the expected growth of data volumes, the number of visitors to web traffic and functionality.
4. Web Site Design Cycle
Delivery part has a special focus on web design system, they are models or prototypes of the screen, the system together with system solutions that allow both client and developer software , designers and management team clearly understand how the project will work from the perspective of the user and administrator. The CRM design will also consider it complete. This functionality of Web applications are considered in the context of defined outputs and business rules, and can result in high levels defining requirements, updated or changed. After that, a key is available here the low level of Website Design Specification / Document precise definition of the required web applications design and development of a project plan for software developers.
5. Collation content
Any necessary text and graphic content for the web application developed or by the customer (or software development company, depending on the relevant situation) obtained. Management functionality to modify the content of the website launch customers, and consistently, it is assumed to be contained and defined in detail the required high level as mentioned.
Project Development 6. Web Site
At this stage, a detailed project plan for the implementation of web design was established to identify the resources, defined deadlines and project dependencies clearly understood - especially with respect to which parts of the development can be performed in series or in parallel. This is the reality phase overlaps the next stage of the life cycle of Web Development, since all Web modules built unit tested by the Members of the development team to destruction. It is essential that all made by quality control software developers to ensure code compliance of the development of the project.
7. Testing and Quality Assurance
To ensure that all elements work together on web applications and can easily be made first and future demand is expected in the system - - all the way to many forms of tests are performed during this phase of the test volume system and user acceptance testing (UAT) and sign-off. There are many forms of evidence at the time required beyond the scope of this introduction phase, as testing and safety of cross-browser - all contribute to delivering a quality website and services for customers.
8. Web Site Development (Introduction)
When the site is reviewed and approved the implementation of the operations of the client company and the development of software and websites are used in production environments and their uses. After that, there is usually a period of prior agreement and an ongoing support contract of guarantee can be at the discretion of the customer.
Can vary the process, but in general terms, units and functions of a successful process of application delivery fabric to the client is not. I hope this is useful in the process of providing quality web applications for any business introductions.
About Us: Time Critical Solutions (Tecs)
Time Critical Solutions (TCS) Ltd., also known as "TEC" is an international trading company (IBC) incorporated in Cyprus (full member of the European Union). The company mainly serves most of Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean - as well as customers in other parts of the world. The company was formed originally operated in the UK in 1998 as Radiant Systems Ltd., to serve directly as a consulting boutique FT100 companies across the UK. From around 2003 there was a significant growth in demand for IT services to small and medium businesses that have the potential to realize the train, introduced his business and cost savings that can be achieved through automation and streamlining its operations .
Next The SME market for IT services to grow to this day. However, it is true that the quality of the services offered by the SME IT sector vary greatly, often with loose compliance with industry standards of design, development, documentation, support and customer service in general . Unfortunately, the sales of the industry but as a service oriented - and the price, but value as sensitive - many SMEs fall to address low-skilled, inexperienced service.

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