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Web Design Layers

Web design Bangladesh :  Web Design Layers
The layers of web designing helps the reader to understand the various aspects of website design as soon as I click on any web page. Sometimes The content includes images and text and sometimes contains advice that requires navigating through the site. There are three basics of web designing.
XHTML usually makes the structure in terms of content and development of the website. This presentation or style sheet is defined by the CSS styles, which purports to show the documents and what types of media. Behavior is the layer of the web page to hold a bit. For those with CGI or PHP backend, is the CGI or PHP scripts that act was carried out when the reader clicks on an object.
For those with DHTML and Ajax JavaScript, which helps the site to do something. The first stage of the behavior of most Web pages is the interaction of Java side.
The need to isolate the layer
The layers are kept separate, while creating web designs. External style sheets are the best way to separate content and design. The same applies to external Java files.
Some of the benefits of separating the layers of sharing. When writing JavaScript or external CSS file, the user must share the file of each Web page. No duplication of work necessary changes and carried out the file for each page without the user making any single change.
Download function
It also allows faster downloads. At this moment, the style sheet or script-download client for the first time, it will be cached. Every other page load quickly downloaded in the browser window.
If more than one person is working in web design, sharing the workload without thinking, content or consent. You can also design / CSS expert work, while the writer works on the contents of the file and the JavaScript script working.

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